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How To Write About Coronavirus In Your College Essays
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Long gone are the days of collecting data from a dozen websites and storing your college list in a spreadsheet. With CollegeVine, it’s easy to discover and organize a list of colleges that you’ll fall in love with.

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The Ultimate Guide to Harvard University

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It's just the best.
It seems useful and efficient. So far, it's been very helpful and informative. I'm glad that it's offering free services for young adults who are trying to better plan and improve their future.
good stuff
I already recommended it.
it is excellent.
Your site is very informative. I really liked the graph of safety to reach.
I really like how CollegeVine breaks down a lot of difficult concepts and how colleges are curated around our personal achievement
I chose 10 because collegevine is so descriptive when describing your strengths and weaknesses in an application to college.
easy to use helpful!
It is a very good tool and I like how it tells me the truth but gives me ways to up my scores and improve my application. Wish I would have known about it earlier. Great website. Lots of information and the video chats with students is great for learning about a campus.
its really realistic and is perfect for someone who is confused about the whole college process
its great i finally see a path to my future
I've already recommended it to plenty friends!
The only masterpiece on the Web!
it is great website and i havent even been on here for 3 here for 3 hours and I'm already enjoying it
This website is a life saver when it comes to college essay help & deciding on colleges that are realistic or reach. Plus you can still access a lot of great features as a free user.
super great platform and free
Seems helpful
It's very effective if you are eager to apply to one of your top choice colleges.
College Vine has many helpful blogs and the admissions calculator is very intuitive and helpful.
Your resources are amazing as well as your advice in regards to the Common App essays and how to make my application stand out.
helpful in looking at chances, unlike prepscholar
I am constantly stressing about college. I am the firstborn in the family and want to set a good college example for my younger brothers. A lot of my friends are the oldest in their families too so I want to make sure we all show our siblings that if we can do it they can do it too.
very very VERY helpful when it comes to students like me who are unfamiliar with the college admissions process!
I love this admissions test, and I have already recommended this site to my friend.
I really like the webinars and the features that you guys provide to create a college list.
It helps gather up information about colleges in a simpler and easier manner
Its intutive all in one dashboard
A lot of information avaliable
It's very thorough and all for free
The chancing profile and how you guys are able to connect that to my chances at a particular university is really awesome. I don't know of any other website that does that for me!
its great
It's a great system for peer reviewing essays and it's very easy to use.
I think that CollegeVine is a fantastic resource to figure out where you stand when it comes to applying to colleges. It is also great for asking questions and getting good answers from a reliable source.
I already recommended it to a couple friends.
because you guys are the best, you are so helpful,without this platform I would be lost
Very useful and helpful. I really think that this will help a lot of people that aspire to be college students in top colleges.
it's a cool platform
Its pretty useful
This program is great at helping me decide which colleges I should apply to!
easy to use
A friend showed it to me, and it helped me gain confidence in college applications
At the moment I am a freshman in high school and because of CollegeVine I know how I'd be able to apply to my dream school, Texas A&M at College Station.
CollegeVine is very useful for seeing how strong your stats are and getting questions answered.
It helps me keep everything realistic and in order.
This is a very useful website.
This website is very helpful in determining my chances of getting into a particular college.
its good for preparation
its good
very user-friendly!
Rather than giving information about everyone's chances with a school, CollegeVine provides specific information based on the individual about where they are strong and where they need to improve.
It is very useful
This website has been incredibly helpful in both helping me plan for college, show me where I am lacking, and given me a realistic idea of where I am going to go. The confidence and security this information has given me in unreal.
You can enter your academic achievements and see your chances of getting into your dream college.
I think CollegeVine is very helpful and informative and the thing that EVERY person who plans to go to college should use.
very helpful
Because it gives so much info for free! Very cool :)
This has really helped me in looking at my chances of getting into my dream schools! I really love it.
It is an extremely useful tool for finding colleges and evaluating your chances of getting into them.
Very helpful
It is a nice website that provides very useful tools.
It's very helpful in reviewing the essays!
It is sooo helpful! I wish I knew about this earlier. It makes college seem a lot less stressful.
I just found this website and I love it!
I think this is a great tool for me to use!
it has helped me raise my self-confidence pertaining to the stressful college application process
In-depth and personal
it is a great platform for anyone and it is anonomys so it more real in a sense
It's so easy to calculate results to all the basic information you'd want to know about college admissions.
collegevine is such a good and FREE website and reosurce to help college apps and i feel like everyone applying to college should use collegevine
Fantastic, Comprehensive, Practical and Informative
Its cool
Very helpful and shows me why I would or would not get into colleges I'm interested in
It's great, really helpful, focused, and inspiring right off the bat
it's so informative & helps a first gen like me into what colleges are right for me!
Great service.
it is really helpful and i know plenty of friends who are not sure about their choice of colleges
It is an amazing, free service that has helped me innumerable amount of times
CollegeVine has put my chances for admission while giving me advice on improvement areas.
It's very detailed and has opened my eyes on where I need to improve.
it super healpful. a million times better than other college websites i've used
very good website
It is great
Very helpful in the college process for writing essays and personal statements
I would highly recommend this site to a friend because it allows you to have a general idea of where you are and what you need to do in order to get where you need to go.
Very informative and helps you choose and look through things easier than anything else I have found
It was very helpful and my friend is STRESSING

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