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Long gone are the days of collecting data from a dozen websites and storing your college list in a spreadsheet. With CollegeVine, it’s easy to discover and organize a list of colleges that you’ll fall in love with.

Build and visualize your school list using dozens of parameters: chances, location, majors, rankings, and more.
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Your GPA and SAT don’t tell the full admissions story. Our chancing engine also factors in extracurricular activities, demographics, and other holistic details to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

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We use data from real students and model your chances at hundreds of colleges using unique factors like extracurriculars and course rigor.

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This site has helped me relinquish some of my worries.
It's everything I could ask for to learn all about the college admissions process!
So far its been easy to use and it has given me great information.
very informative!
because you guys are the best, you are so helpful,without this platform I would be lost
Honestly this has been the only college finder website that has helped me personally at all. Hurt a little bit because of the honesty but overall very excellent. Easy to use and fun to play with.
It is really accurate and helpful.
Awesome website... I wish everyone must see this!
it helps
love this site!! the recent upgrades are fantastic!! great job college vine.
This website is very helpful in determining my chances of getting into a particular college.
Collegevine has been such a helpful resource with my college exploration process!
User friendly and very helpful for students from low income family.
I've already recommended it to multiple friends. I find it is a very useful tool, and well done, too!
I love how it shows the admission odds and shows specifically what I need to improve on.
Because I like the information provided on this website.
i love how detailed it is
Doesn't have enough info for international students.
I feel as if CollegeVine has everything I need to be successful on my college search.
I got recommended by a friend and Im really loving this website. Thank You!
really good helps to find schools that are worth applying
easy to use helpful!
I'm still exploring it myself.
It takes you through the process really well and gives you a clear idea of where you stand with colleges
it is very helpful and resourceful
it is a perfect
College Vine has many helpful blogs and the admissions calculator is very intuitive and helpful.
helps me much
It has so many resources on different topics which I really appreciate.
CollegeVine has so many great resources. These resources are hard to find, especially just on one particular website. CollegeVine is making this whole application process less stressful for me.
Helpful resources that I couldn't find anywhere but here. Thanks!
At the moment I am a freshman in high school and because of CollegeVine I know how I'd be able to apply to my dream school, Texas A&M at College Station.
It is very useful
it's super helpful, especially because it gives you the admission difficulty according to your statistics
It is very personalized and something that I have been looking for in the college search for a long time. Personalized admission percentages that tell you what you need to improve on is what I like the most. It gives me reality how I should spend money on applications. Also, it keeps updating with more and more features. Thank you so much College Vine! You are the best!!!!!!!!!
simple and easy to navigate, excellent prompts!
It not only has extensive information on individual colleges that would help students in college research, but it also has resources for essay help and a place to ask questions regarding college planning.
it is the best free college website out there. it provides all the services and more that a private college counselor would. the website is extremely user friendly and i love it so much! i wish it was this updated at the beginning of my college app process back in August 2019!
Very important information
Qs and As are really helpful
Because of the very nice UI and extremely insightful analysis
It is a nice website that provides very useful tools.
It is by far my absolute favorite site!!!!
I love preparing would recommend it but the don't like preparing so It probably would go in one ear then out the next.
I like how it helps me to compile a list of colleges from applying to considering. By calculating my chances it helps me by showing which factors I need to work on
i love this website
very helpful !
The site provides realistic insights for studetns looking to applying to schools.
Collegevine provides very useful and relevant information
This has everything I need to plan out my college apps and see my chances, its honestly my new favorite thing!
Your resources are amazing as well as your advice in regards to the Common App essays and how to make my application stand out.
I have already recommended it to several of my friends.
This has really helped me in looking at my chances of getting into my dream schools! I really love it.
very helpful
i like this website a lot it makes me less stressed ab amissions
It's very detailed. It's very helpful too.
It's very informative and lets me know about my chances getting into college!
ALLL I GOTTA SAY IS THAT ITS LITERALLY THE BEST APP I'VE EVER USED!!!! LIKE LITERALLY!!! its just so helpful periodt.... especially in this covid times where we students do not have our counsellors to help us with our stuff, this is the BEST app to use !! In fact I recommended it to 7 of my friends and I'll keep recommending it to the others
Amazing resources, very well organized and informative, for free!
Seems helpful
It is a way to navigate college admissions in an endless pool of information. Rather than endlessly scrolling on Youtube, College Confidential, and clinging to my friends(which are all good sources just not meeting my needs) this is a lot more direct and informative.
CollegeVine helps me see my chances with specific estimates derived from not just my scores, but also my demographics and my extracurriculars, giving me a more realistic idea of my chances than just my own rough calculations. This resource has given me confidence in my college search, helping me feel more secure in my future.
It's extremely helpful.
Great free resource for students and parents
it really helps me to organize everything, thank you!
I find that it's very helpful to find my chances at college and which ones to choose to apply.
I love it
cool site
I like the career information
very informative
This website is certainly reassuring for a student like me who is constantly doubtful and pessimistic. But just because it reassured me that I have solid chances at attending universities I wish to go to isn't what makes this website great; it's the realistic optimism that is so wonderful. It let me know which colleges would definitely be hard and why, as well as where and how I can improve my resume.
Very in-depth
It's very thorough and all for free
It has been very helpful in answering many questions I or my parents did not know, has given me lots of helpful information, and has helped me relax about college.
Very informative
I <3 CollegeVIne
Great service.
it gave me mad anxiety :( but was very helpful
The best thing ever
Because as a parent you have been very helpful
It's very helpful when you have a career path, but need more sufficient advising and counseling
It's super helpful and it gives me an idea of what I need to improve in. I didn't give a full perfect because there's always room for improvement :)
Easy to use, clear and straightforward information
a great resource that eases the process and organizes it
The website is very easy to navigate and is welcoming.
Collage vine has helped me put into perspective my aims in regard to the collages. As for essay writing, I love that it offers an elaborate step by step explanation on how to take on each essay. Overall I'm glad I found Collage Vine.
It rocks
I really appreciate that this is free and helps me with my college questions and preparation. It has helped me so far.
It's very useful and has helped me learn a lot about college.

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