We ask all of our employees to sign the following Ethics Policy.

CollegeVine values its commitment to maintaining high ethical standards and practices across divisions and disciplines. Our ethical standards for each division are as follows:

Essay Editing

CollegeVine essay specialists have a responsibility to support clients through the essay and application process by guiding client-generated work through various stages of drafting and refining. Essay specialists may not write essays for clients from scratch -- that is, generating content and text without client input. Additionally, essay specialists may not independently develop an essay from a client-generated outline or set of notes. In order for an essay specialist to begin editing a client’s essay, it must contain complete sentences, paragraphs, and ideas. An essay specialist should never feel compelled or pressured to write an essay for a client.

Essay topics and ideas must be either solely generated by the client or jointly generated by the client and the essay specialist. Clients must be given control over their own work and must have final-say veto power over the structure and content of their essays.

Academic Tutoring

Academic tutors are expected to support clients with academic work by developing client’s understanding of challenging material and providing guidance on effective academic strategies. When editing homework essays, academic tutors are expected to maintain the same standards of professionalism and ethics that are delineated above in the Essay Specialist section. An academic tutor may never independently complete homework assignments for a client, regardless of scope -- that is, neither full assignments nor individual problems may be completed for the client.

However, academic tutors may walk clients through procedures and strategies for challenging problems and may offer corrections or suggestions for improvement on already completed work. Grading of homework and feedback outside of a session can only go so far as telling the client the correct process for solving the problem.

General Standards For Advising And Tutoring

Employees will never suggest or advise that clients do something unethical or illegal in the course of advising or tutoring. Employees should use appropriate moral judgment to navigate ethical dilemmas and challenges. The company will provide employees with ethics resources that should be consulted both in typical day-to-day practice and in exceptional circumstances.

Financial Incentives

Employees are not allowed to accept under-the-table payments from CollegeVine clients attempting to violate the ethical standard.

Zero Tolerance Policy

CollegeVine has a zero tolerance policy for ethics violations, and knowingly violating the company’s ethics standard will result in immediate termination. If an employee feels uncomfortable with an ethical situation during a meeting with the client, they should immediately reach out to their manager or the company’s ethics hotline for further advice and either halt service or move to another agenda item until the ethical question is clarified.

By signing on the line below, I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to comply with the foregoing Employee Ethics Policy. I understand that if I do not comply with the Ethics Policy, I may be subject to discipline, legal action for damages, or indemnification.

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