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Learn more about our incredibly talented team of consultants and mentors.

What is near peer mentorship?

Backed by research funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, near peer mentorship is considered one of the most effective counseling methods for students looking to attend college. Because near peer mentors just recently went through the process themselves, they are better able to relate to their mentees.

At CollegeVine, we believe that college students and recent graduates are uniquely powerful consultants for high school students.

So how do we build our team?

The Best Admissions Team In The Country

Our consultants are extremely talented college students or recent graduates from universities. Since they just went through the process themselves, the latest trends in admissions are fresh on their minds. Our consultants also live on the campuses, so they understand intuitively the culture and type of applicant each school is looking for.

But excelling in the admissions process isn’t the only qualification our consultants have. After all, there are plenty of smart college kids who would make terrible consultants (no offense to them!). So what are we to do?

Well, first our hiring standards are extremely selective. We screen consultants based on resume, looking for indications of strong passion and excellent interpersonal skills. They complete several interviews and mock sessions. Then, we require them to complete an intensive writing examination that over 80% of job applicants don’t pass. Some don’t even finish it. In total, only ~15% of consultants make it through the hiring funnel.

Next, we have a rigorous training process. Before consultants interact with even a single client, they must complete several certifications in admissions knowledge, college essays, emotional management, and more.

The result is a team of highly professional college admissions experts with recent firsthand experience. Best of all, our mentors are close in age to high school students, allowing them to connect on a personal level that is absolutely critical in a process that is all about developing your unique profile.


Son accepted to Princeton Class of 2020

Our son said that his counselor actually made working on his application fun! [His] counselor asked many soul-searching questions to help draw out my son’s unique personality and qualities so that he could make a definite impression in his essays. I have to say that the process respected our son’s autonomy, probably more than we, as parents, would have been able to do, if we had been making suggestions about his essays!

Our Consultants are rigorously trained in:

Admissions Expertise

It’s true that our consultants already possess intimate knowledge about the admissions process due to their own recent experiences. However, to ensure that every CollegeVine consultant only makes recommendations backed by data collected from working with thousands of students, we train each consultant rigorously in the CollegeVine Admissions Curriculum.

Writing Skills

In high school and the admissions process, written communication is critical. From producing compelling personal essays to representing yourself accurately on the Activities List, our consultants receive additional training in the CollegeVine Writing Curriculum to further sharpen their writing chops.

EQ + Mentorship Ability

At CollegeVine, we understand intuitively that the admissions process is an emotional roller coaster — happiness, sadness, stress, and frustration abound. As such, we train our consultants to improve their EQ, empowering them to become uniquely effective mentors for high school students. Rest assured that your consultant will be your confidante through the admissions process.

The result? We create powerful relationships

Personalized Pairing

For us, the mentor-mentee relationship is everything. Making sure each student gets paired with the perfect consultant for them is of the utmost importance to us. We spend a lot of time getting to know students via questionnaires to ensure the optimal pairing is made.

Powered by our network

Our unique model allows us to maintain very close 1-1 relationships that are backed by tens of thousands of data points. Since our network affords us the chance to work with so many students each year, we can achieve the scale required to make recommendations backed by real admissions data.