Pro Bono Program

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The CollegeVine Pro Bono Class of 2023

Applications are not being accepted at this time. The application window for the Class of 2023 will open in fall 2018.

Since our inception, we have worked with pro bono students who did not have the financial means to use a college advisor, helping them gain acceptance and scholarships to Harvard, UC Berkeley, and a number of other schools. Helping students who do not have advantages is a central part of our mission and who we are.

This year, we want to help more students like these—talented, driven, and ambitious individuals with good hearts who, due to one circumstance or another, might not have access to expert admissions counseling. As such, we are formally announcing the CollegeVine Class of 2023 Pro Bono Scholarship, which will begin accepting applications in fall 2018.


Qualified applicants will:

Our Past Success Stories

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    Chuk E.
    UC Berkeley, Class of 2019

    Chuk was accepted to UC Berkeley with a financial aid package covering full tuition for four years, free airfare, room and board, dining, paid study abroad and internship sourcing, and a stipend for other miscellaneous expenses.

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    Ben H.
    Harvard, Class of 2021

    An extremely talented student from the West Coast, Ben was completely on his own in applying to college. Ben was also seeking significant financial aid to pay for college. He was ultimately accepted to Harvard, UChicago, and more.

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    Jess Q.
    MIT, Class of 2020

    Jess was fed up with the rote learning she had experienced in her home country of Ghana. Jess was accepted to MIT, Stanford, Swarthmore, Duke, Harvey Mudd and Wash U.

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    Mike M.
    Tufts, Class of 2020

    As a top student from Nigeria, Mike always focused on his education. Unfortunately, his family could not afford higher education for him. Mike was accepted to his dream school, Tufts University, on a full-ride.

Interested in becoming a member of the Class of 2023?

We'll begin accepting applications in fall 2018.