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CollegeVine Early Advising: Get Ahead of the Curve

We’re bringing private school guidance to all families—at an affordable price. Which classes to take and when? How to approach extracurriculars vs. community service? When to take the SAT and PSAT? ACT? The CollegeVine Early Advising program gives you a roadmap to achieve your goals.


Join our Early Advising Program:

  • Get paired with a personal Advisor
  • Get a Profile Analysis and develop a custom roadmap for academics and extracurriculars
  • Discover and achieve your unique goals
Meet a CollegeVine Advisor

Cameron Z.

Economics Major at Harvard

My favorite part is hearing the students get excited about success they have had. I am currently working with a mentee who is trying to set up a program at his school where students will visit seniors at the local nursing home. Hearing him talk about his passion for the project, laying out the project plan together, and trying to help him succeed has been extremely rewarding.

Lesley H.

Computer Science Major at Cornell

One of my mentees has brilliant technical skills, and he wanted advice on how to market himself. I helped him find competitions so that he can show off his work, and aided him in creating deliverables to support his projects, like engineering notebooks, blog posts, etc. We're still in the process of building a story around his profile, and it's exciting to see the parts come together.

    What Clients Say


    Student, Class of 2020

    My mentor, Zane, has been very helpful in helping me get organized and has made it easy to think about what ideas I may want to pursue in the future. For as long as I have been part of the program, Collegevine has been helpful in preparing and organizing me for the events in my life.


    Parent, Class of 2021

    Wanted to start planning for college early. The assistance, aka motivation she gets from her mentor who is currently attending her dream school is doubly helpful! I want our children to be successful and I think CollegeVine has a plan in place to help them. It’s remarkable that they are using students attending some of the best schools mentoring our children.

      Sophomores and Juniors

      SAT Tutoring: Attain your Dream Score

      Want to get a higher score to reach your college goals? We’ve boiled the SAT down to a science. The CollegeVine SAT program is designed to help you improve your score as efficiently as possible by tutoring you on the areas that will drive the biggest score increases.


      Join our SAT Program:

      • Expert, relatable tutors
      • Personalized tutoring plan
      • Guided practice on full length exams
      Meet an SAT Tutor

      Priyansh S.

      99%ile score, University of Pennsylvania

      I'm committed to breaking down the perception of SAT and standardized exams as impenetrable. Rather than test a student's general knowledge, the SAT overwhelmingly tests students' knowledge of the SAT itself. And because this knowledge is purposefully made hard to come by, I hope to impart the strategies necessary for students of all backgrounds and circumstances to succeed on the SAT.

      Mia S.

      99%ile score, Swarthmore College

      Helping students improve their performance on the SAT is really important to me because I remember exactly what it was like to incessantly stress over my standardized test performance and place undue pressure on myself. I remember struggling with the fact that I felt like a "bad" test-taker always falling short. Then, I found the right test strategies and methods that worked for me. I want to help other students see their potential too and make lessons as enjoyable as possible.

        What Clients Say


        Parent, Class of 2020

        Our son's SAT score went up 100 points after 6 sessions. He is planning on additional sessions before taking the exam again.


        Student, Class of 2020

        I felt that CollegeVine has really helped me understand the SAT’s method of asking questions much better than ever previously.

          Juniors and Seniors

          CollegeVine Applications Program: Prepare to Get Accepted

          The CollegeVine Applications program is designed to help you succeed in the admissions process according to your unique goals, while keeping stress low. Whether you’re trying to figure out which colleges are best for you, looking to maximize financial aid, or aiming to get accepted to the most competitive schools, we’re here to help.

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          Join our Applications Program:

          • Stay on track throughout the process
          • Improve your odds of acceptance
          • Make the right financial decision

          Elite Universities Applications Program

          If your goal is to get accepted to the most competitive colleges in the country, we have just the program for you.

          Learn more about our Elite Apps program.

          As fast as 1 hour!

          Rapid Essay Review

          We’re great at providing last- minute help on essays right before you submit them – or a quick check for sanity’s sake early on.

          Learn more about our Rapid Essay Review service.

          BSMD Applications

          If you’re applying to 7-year med programs, you probably know that the process is competitive. We’ve built a program to help.

          Learn more about our BSMD program.

          Meet an Applications Consultant

          Madison L.

          Engineering Major at Stanford

          I enjoy working with CollegeVine students because I love seeing my clients grow throughout the process of writing and learning how to present themselves in a compelling application. Being involved with everything from their interview prep to their school selection has allowed me to develop strong mentoring relationships with them and pass on some of the critical advice and aid that I was able to receive in high school.

          Hale J.

          Neuroscience Major at Yale

          What I love most about working with CollegeVine students is the personal relationship I build with them through our work together. The application process necessarily involves learning and expressing important truths about yourself; in sharing those with one another, my students and I form connections in a matter of weeks that most people take years to cultivate.

            What Clients Say


            Student, Accepted to Yale and UPenn Class of 2022

            The most important aspect wasn't just the text editorial support, but the mental and emotional support and understanding. Especially from my coach Adam Kershner, who really made me feel understood and went the extra mile to let me feel like I put my best foot forward.


            Student, Accepted early to Yale Class of 2022

            I literally LOVE CollegeVine. The support you provide is unparalleled. It keeps me very calm. Knowing that I have a team of supporters rooting for me every step of the way is SO nice. I really appreciate it.


            Parent, Son Accepted ED to Johns Hopkins

            I wanted to thank you for all the help as my son K got early admission into Johns Hopkins. He may still need some support as needed but essentially the work for apps is complete. I wanted to let you know that it made a huge difference for Kavan. They were very thorough and professional. Thanks again and Happy Holidays.

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