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I attribute my insight into the college admissions process, as well as my successes in my extracurriculars and exams/testing, largely to the time I spent working with CollegeVine. Over two and a half years, I was able to turn to my contact at CV whenever I needed advice on anything related to high school achievement–applying to summer programs, contacting professors, or even the marginal benefit of another 5 on an AP exam–and was able to make the most effective, efficient decisions to set me up for the college application season, affording me an early action acceptance to my top choice university. CV’s employees advise you in such a way that you maximize your time in high school–they help you to pursue what is most valuable not just on a resume and/or application, but in the broader context of life. As a result, you are able to learn about far more than just admissions or the high school experience–you realize the best way to utilize your time for meaningful, focused accomplishments far after your time with CV is done. Their services, ranging from advising throughout all of high school to last-minute Common App formatting to essay editing, are phenomenal. Whether I needed help prepping for a scholarship interview or determining how to set up a particular college essay, their advisors (who were all young, incredibly talented, and had achieved everything from successful start-ups to winning national olympiads) provided me with the best possible advice. I would recommend their services, whether test prep, academic tutoring, long-term high school planning, or essay brainstorming/editing in the last few days of the admissions cycle, to anyone of any ability level. The biggest secret about being admitted into a university isn’t that you must be a categorical genius or national-level athlete but, rather, that you should start planning and strategizing early–and CV will help you do that in the most effective way possible.

– TH, Harvard College

Even if you’re not obsessed about getting into a prestigious college, CollegeVine consultants teach you so much about writing, college life, and dealing with stress in general.

– SM, Northwestern University

I cannot say enough about CollegeVine and how helpful they were to my son and our family. They really explained what to expect in the admission process and guided us in some very savvy and smart ways. They removed our confusion and feelings of being overwhelmed. Their reassurance and advice lowered family stress levels. Our son said that his counselor actually made working on his application fun! The counselor asked many soul-searching questions to help draw out my son’s unique personality and qualities so that he could make a definite impression in his essays. I have to say that the process respected our son’s autonomy, probably more than we, as parents, would have been able to do, if we had been making suggestions about his essays! Our son looked forward to his scheduled appointments, which kept him on track and increased his motivation and confidence. This also set our minds at ease as parents. CollegeVine was flexible in meeting our needs, whether in scheduling video chat meetings or payments. Their hire of top college student advisors who are not far removed from the application process seems to be a winning formula. Best of all, the results were excellent! Our son was accepted early on to a top Ivy League university, among many other colleges! We will always be so grateful to the ColegeVine partners and staff – they are a wonderful resource!

– TG, Mom, Princeton University

Thank you Admission Hero for your expert guidance and support in my college application process. I am headed to my first choice college.

– IS, Dartmouth College

CollegeVine helped me stay on track during the hectic college application process. Turning to their service for help was the best decision I had made when it came to applying for college.

– WS, Columbia University

One conversation with CollegeVine inspired me to re-examine what I wanted my reader take away from what I wrote. I ended up rewriting my essay completely to tell my story better. This is pivotal in my application process.

– LF, Emory

Very approachable and very flexible with times -- no matter how late into the night, I received quick advice.

– RH, Harvard University

I came not knowing what I wanted to write about, but my consultant was able to pick ideas out of my brain that I didn’t even know would work for my essay.

– JC, Duke University

The best colleges are waiting for you right here!

– YT, UT Austin Scholarship

Thank you so much to CollegeVine for helping me earn admission to my dream school, The University of Pennsylvania! After I was partnered up with my essay specialist, it did not take me long to notice that he was extremely dedicated to my success. Because he recently graduated from high school, he had gone through the same process not too long ago and understood exactly what I needed. He guided me to create and manage a detailed application schedule, and he always made sure to check up on me. His commitment was evident in his quick replies to emails and willingness to answer any sort of question I had, no matter how busy he was or how late it was that day. This establishment of open communication allowed me to seek valuable advice in all aspects of the college application process, including interview preparation, resume building and teacher recommendations. But the greatest help CollegeVine gave me was in writing my essays; my essay specialist had a sharp eye, always pinpointing exactly what I needed to change and edit. His feedback truly made all the difference. Again, thanks so much for everything!

– AP, University of Pennsylvania

CollegeVine's college consulting program was invaluable to me. My essay specialist gave useful tips on how to write the college essays and helped me write more cohesive and effective essays. He was very quick in responding to my many questions as well. I would recommend CollegeVine to any prospective college student who seeks excellent advice and a wonderful experience with the application process.

– EL, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Very professional and knowledgeable about the college admissions process.

– RL, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

CollegeVine helped me effectively format my application and assisted me greatly with the essay writing process. I got into one of my top schools because of them.

– JA, Yale University

CollegeVine revolutionized my essays in terms of vocabulary and presentation while maintaining my identity at the last hour.

– JQ, Stanford University

CollegeVine was a very valuable tool to have during the application process. My essay specialist got to know me quite well, and with her, I was able to create essays of which I was proud. CollegeVine relieved much of my stress regarding the application process, and I was able to get into my top choice school. I would definitely recommend CollegeVine’s services to all college applicants.

– KB, Johns Hopkins University

The college application process is not new to our family, as KK is our third child. As someone in the field of education, I am truly impressed with your business and your helpfulness, particularly with that initial hour-long phone conversation with KK. I am thankful that we discovered CollegeVine – just in the nick of time!”

– LK, Cornell University

CollegeVine helped me accurately portray myself as the person I know I am.

– HL, Northeastern University

I’m beyond glad I found CollegeVine at the most stressful time in my life. From the start, they felt like sharp people who were really there for you, not for your money or to build their reputation. I can’t say I’m unsatisfied with any of the essays I worked on with my essay specialist. He helped me grow as a writer as well as provided me support, kindness, and great essay tips that have made me very grateful.

– RZ, UChicago

CollegeVine exposed me to inside knowledge about the college admissions process and taught me how to write a college admissions essay. I learned that the type of essays elite schools want to read, they’re very different than your typical English class essay. CollegeVine helped me define who I was on my college applications, something I don’t think I could have done without them.

– KS, Boston College

Going into my junior year, I had no clue where to start with college admissions and test prep, but I knew I had to start immediately. I found CollegeVine through a friend and that was one of the best things to ever happen to me. Since then, CollegeVine has helped me get into the college of my dreams and meet all of my goals. I’ll forever be grateful.


CollegeVine is a different kind of startup. Whether it was hearing for the first time ever that I had a shot at the top schools, finding the best way to express my personality through countless essays, or even getting one-on-one advice after the app cycle, the CV staff has always taken time to address my concerns on a personal level. In particular, CV taught me the nuances of college essay writing and made me realize how important my voice is in the application process. With thousands of other qualified applicants fighting for your spot, you need to dig deep, be confident, and remember what makes you you. CV helped me do just that. And as an added bonus, CV even made me EXCITED to do apps (I know, right?).

– JG, Princeton University

My experience with CollegeVine was superb. All of the consultants – from managers to essay and interview specialists – were both professional and friendly. They helped my application achieve its highest potential and I felt very confident submitting my early application to Princeton University.

– NX, Princeton University

I have absolutely nothing but praise for CollegeVine. CV has provided me with outstanding assistance through every part of the college application process from boosting my standardized test scores to offering invaluable insight on how admission to some of the most competitive undergraduate programs in the nation works. My CV counselors not only gave me fantastic insider information on the characteristics of a successful college applicant and completely transformed my essays, but they also became good friends and people who I could comfortably approach with my every anxiety over college admissions. Working with CV longitudinally has shown me that they unequivocally live up to their promise of drawing out and maximizing every student’s academic and extracurricular potential.

– HM, Brown PLME

Without CollegeVine, it would have been much harder for me to get accepted to my top choice school, Johns Hopkins University. The services that CollegeVine offers are top-notch, from the insightful hour-long free consultation to the one-on-one essay editing sessions with my personal Essay Specialist. My Essay Specialist provided a valuable perspective, and brought up potential flaws in my essays that I would not have caught myself. CollegeVine’s essay specialists are much more than simply another pair of eyes reading your essay, because they too have gone through the grueling admissions process, are attending top universities, and have the knowledge and experience to guide your essays in the right direction. I found CollegeVine’s interview service to be a valuable tool as well, as it relieved a great deal of the anxiety surrounding college interviews. I appreciate how CollegeVine guided me on the way to creating an application that truly represented who I am, so that I was able to get into my top choice school.

– KB, Johns Hopkins University

Working with CollegeVine definitely helped boost my potential to get into my top college. My consultant was extremely knowledgeable and gave me great advice. I was particularly impressed with the insider tips for the interview, which helped me tremendously. Overall it was a great experience!

– PW, Yale University

CollegeVine’s SAT prep service gave me a fresh take not only on the SAT, but also on the way test prep services worked. The starting material was difficult at first, but within days I would get only 1 wrong at most per section. As a result, I walked into test day with almost no anxiety, ultimately earning a 2400 from only 2 weeks of preparation. I would recommend this SAT service to anyone looking for a low-stress yet highly-motivating way to improve his or her score.

– CC, 2400-Scorer, Princeton University

My CollegeVine essay specialist truly brought my essays to life, giving me the confidence that I submitted the best work I could’ve submitted.

– AZ, University of Michigan Ann Arbor

The personalized attention offered by this service is incomparable to any other service out there. This service’s advantage lies in their specialists being able to get to know you better. The specialists are extremely qualified to assist with this process and their ability to relate to current students is invaluable.

– WE, Rutgers University Presidential Scholarship

Although I signed up for essay editing only for CollegeVine, the company has helped me in so many other ways, such as rediscovering important moments in my life and helping me realize the small experiences that have shaped who I am.

– BH, UC Berkeley

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