Save thousands of dollars per year on college tuition

Did you know that you can actually negotiate the financial aid offer that you receive with your acceptance letter?

In fact, by negotiating smartly with colleges, you can save thousands of dollars per year on tuition. We even had a few students last year who saved more than $100,000 over four years ($25,000 per year).

This year, we're opening up our aid negotiation program to a wider group of students. Sign up now to guarantee your access into the program.

How our program works

CollegeVine provides a powerful way for you to signal your interest in a college and use your aid offers to reduce your final price.

1. Upload your financial aid letters

We use these to verify your financial aid and scholarship offers, which helps you save time as you negotiate with colleges

2. Select your top two choice schools

Your signal of interest in a college is extremely powerful because you can only pick two. You can still negotiate with other colleges, but picking your two favorites makes them more likely to negotiate.

3. We'll facilitate your communication with colleges in the negotiation process

Each college is able to see the other competing offers you have, giving you maximum negotiating leverage.

Sign up for access when Advocate launches for the 2020–21 cycle

The program is free and open to all US students

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How much does the program cost?

Our program is 100% free for families!

Do colleges actually negotiate financial aid?

Yes! Most families don't realize that the first offer you receive from colleges isn't your final offer. You can often save thousands of dollars per year off of your tuition bill by negotiating smartly with colleges. We even had a few students last year who saved more than $100,000 over four years ($25,000 per year).

Will colleges penalize me for using this platform?

Not at all! Our partner colleges actually want to hear from you; it helps them understand more about your goals and constraints so that you ultimately enroll in their college. Only registered college partners are able to see your information.

Can I sign up even if I haven't heard back from all of the colleges I applied to?

Yes, because there are a limited number of spots available on the platform. Signing up today ensures that you will have access when you are ready to negotiate with colleges.

Am I eligible to use Advocate if I didn't apply for financial aid or fill out the FAFSA?

Yes. You can use Advocate if you received merit scholarships or even if you have some colleges on your list that have a much lower price than others on your list.