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A letter from our founders:

Hey there,

We take it you’ve seen our college applications guidance page. But if you’ve arrived at this page, it means that you’re looking to gain acceptance into the toughest, most competitive schools in the nation.

Having been there ourselves in the same situation less than 4 years ago, we know exactly what you’re going through. Whether it’s dreaming of attending a top university (despite going to a HS that sends very few students to Ivies) or feeling like the admissions deck is rigged against you due to factors like your ethnicity, trust us — we’ve been there.

Like you, we’ve also pushed ourselves to excel in and out of the classroom, and we know exactly what it’s like to be a high school student who wants to get into their dream school. And fine, we’ll admit it — we’ve also spent our fair share of time surfing CollegeConfidential. (Seriously, that place sucks.)

We understand that top colleges have a different — a more competitive — set of requirements relative to your average university. And we know how stressful and tough that can be, especially when your fear is not standing out despite all of your hard work over the past couple of years.

So our Elite Applications Assistance package was designed specifically for people like us. You’ll get paired with an Apps Consultant who is an expert in Ivy (and equivalent) admissions. You’ll receive extended attention on your essays, and extra time will be dedicated to making sure that your admissions narrative is unique and accurate. Our Elite Apps Consultants are also trained to provide last minute resume touch-ups to make your ECs and Awards shine specifically for Ivy Adcoms. We leave no stone un-turned (even the Additional Info section — we know how sometimes it feels like only 30% of your activities are being fully conveyed on your app).

If you’re someone who wants to do it pretty much all by yourself, we understand. That’s why we built our 24-Hour Essay Review platform — for when you only need to get a quick second opinion on your essay. But through coaching hundreds of students in a 1-1 setting (literally — last year alone our students gained over 180 acceptances to top 20 schools), we know firsthand the value of getting help from someone who has been there before.

If you want to find out more about how we specifically help the most competitive students in the nation every year, please reach out by filling out the form below. We’ll get back to you in less than 24 hours — promise.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Zack, Johan, and Vinay

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