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We help high-achieving students stand out from the competition.

If you’ve arrived on this page, chances are that your child is looking to gain acceptance into one of the most competitive schools in the country.

CollegeVine was created in a Harvard dorm room by our co-founders, so we know what it takes to get into an Ivy League. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with over 10,000 students and their families throughout the college application process. So, if your student is looking to apply to an elite school — don’t worry, you’re in the right place.

Our students see real results:

800+ students sent to the top 30 colleges.

This past cycle alone, we sent 190 students to Ivy Leagues. The rest were accepted to top 30 schools.

Almost 3x acceptance rate at top 10 schools, relative to market

We increase our student’s chances of getting into the most competitive schools by almost 3x.

More than 75% of our students get accepted to one of their top 3 schools.

This past application cycle our students were accepted to their top choices.

Stand out with a strong application. Read about one of our students who was accepted to 7 Ivy League schools in Business Insider.

Your student is in good hands

CollegeVine was born from top schools (Harvard and UChicago).

Our students apply to top colleges across the country each and every application cycle. Check out what schools CollegeVine's most recent class of students were accepted to:

Harvard University: 20 of our students were accepted during this last application cycle. We increase students chances of acceptance at Harvard by more than 2x.

Yale University: 25 of our students were accepted during this last application cycle. We increase students chances of acceptance at Yale by more than 3x.

Cornell University: **40 of our students were accepted during this last application cycle. We increase students chances of acceptance at Cornell by almost 3x.

Our students get accepted to all the Ivies other top schools such as University of California at Santa Barbara, University of Michigan, University of California at Los Angeles, University of California at Berkeley, Vanderbilt, University of Pennsylvania, and more!

Develop a unique theme

1:We can help your student create a one of a kind application:

The difference between applicants who have a clearly developed admissions theme and those who don’t? Getting remembered by an admissions committee.

An admissions theme is a central concept or story that ties together the otherwise disparate aspects of an application into a cohesive whole. An effective theme creates a unique application that no one else can lay claim to.

We work with students to identify what makes him or her unique and then show how to create a personal and impressive admissions theme.


Your student can tell their story

2:Craft essays that impress admissions officers

At elite colleges, it’s safe to say all applicants are brilliant and have impressive grades. So, how can your student make their application stand out in a sea of 4.0s and nearly perfect standardized test scores? The essay is your student’s chance to share who they are beyond grades and outside of the classroom.


One of our students got into 7 Ive League schools. Business Insider spoke to him about his experience. Read his essay at Business insider.

We know that the essay can make up 25% of an admissions decision so we really want to make sure our students get it right.
We know that the essay can make up 25% of an admissions decision so we really want to make sure our students get it right.
Detailed in-line comments about theme, content, and execution. Spelling and grammar too, so it’s flawless.
Detailed in-line comments about theme, content, and execution. Spelling and grammar too, so it’s flawless.

Present extracurriculars in the best light:

3:Highlight accomplishments in the Activities List

The Activities List section is one of the most important determinants in whether your student will get accepted or not. Something a little less well-known is the fact that extracurriculars make up about 25% of an admissions decision.

Think about it — it’s the only way that colleges will know about extracurricular achievements. Admissions officers will ultimately perceive accomplishments based on how an extracurricular is presented in only 200 characters.

Having seen thousands of activities list, we’ll make sure your student's activities are represented and formatted properly for admissions officers.


Understand your student's chances of getting accepted to a top school

4:Help your student create an ideal school list:

If your student has his or her heart set on attending an elite school, they most likely know where they want to apply. But, you and your student should have an idea of what the likelihood is that they will get accepted. Our Chancing Engine utilizes over 100,000 points of admissions data to calculate your student’s admissions chances at specific schools.


We can help your student in the following areas:

Personal List of Schools

that your student will want to attend, with data to predict chances of acceptance.

Application Strategy

to develop an admissions theme that will help your student create a memorable application.

Track All Deadlines

to reduce stress and make sure your student doesn't miss anything.

Craft Strong College Essays

from brainstorming to final editing. We’ll help your student stand out.

Common App Guidance

to highlight your student's achievements and awards successfully.

Prep your student for College Interviews

with practice questions and mock interviews.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Help

to make college more affordable

Financial Analysis Tool

to help you and your student fully understand the college investment.

Post-Acceptance Decisions

to help choose the right college out of all your student's acceptances.

Your Family's Own College Admissions Team

Experienced Consulting

The admissions process can get stressful, so it's important to have someone to rely on. All of our consultants are recruited from the most competitive schools in the country and were recently successful in the college admissions process. Trained in CollegeVine's proven application method, your personal consultant will guide you and your student through the application process and improve the odds of admission.

1-On-1 Sessions

Every student's situation is different. That's why all of our sessions are 1-on-1, allowing for each session to meet specific needs.

Meet An Admissions Consultant

Ling R.

Political Science and Government at Princeton

You don’t need to be anyone else to succeed — you need to know that you are enough. But I also want to expand on this idea: Be yourself and understand who you are. Colleges are looking for individuals who demonstrate that they have been thinking about the intersections of their different identities, extracurricular interests, and academic pursuits, and that they are exploring how they can apply their unique perspectives to the world around them. An application is a very condensed representation of you, so seek out ways to add complexity and color. (Read an interview with Ling in Teen Vogue.)

Ayesha P.

History Major at Stanford

Being able to connect with high school students is an immensely rewarding experience, especially since so much of CollegeVine is concerned with enabling students to pursue what they're truly interested in as a way of creating a profile which represents their best selves. There's nothing like hearing someone talk about "their thing," which is something that CollegeVine enables.

Kiran D.

English and Economics at Yale

My favorite part of working with CollegeVine students is being a part of the excitement they experience as they discover the stories of who they are and watch the next steps of their lives unfold before them. The college process can be long and tiring, but as we begin to accomplish the goals we discussed at the outset, there is excitement too. Students begin to envision their future and it's amazing to be a part of that process. One of my clients was worried about appearing too STEM-focused to colleges. I helped him craft both a concrete narrative and greater understanding of himself as a student.

But don't just take it from us!

What Clients Say


Student, Accepted to MIT

CollegeVine helped me send in the best possible essays that I could write, and I'm certain that without it, I would not be unable to come up with creative and interesting topics for my essays.


Parent of a scholarship winner

We were successful in receiving an another $2k for E.'s merit scholarship each year. This is particularly outstanding because the other school was offering the same amount and some would say a lower tiered school. I definitely credit Collegvine with our success.


Student, accepted to Cornell and Columbia

The help of my consultants completely exceeded my expectations!! They were not only ALWAYS available, they provided the best feedback content wise and strategy wise. I would not have handed such a good application without their tremendous help. Thank you!!

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