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Many students think that getting in off the waitlist is impossible. And it is true that most colleges have a low acceptance rate off of their waitlists. However, most students don't handle the waitlist process correctly. The majority of students do not even send in an update letter, and even the ones that do rarely have the best content in their letters. If you approach the waitlist letter with the correct blend of reiterating your deep desire to attend that school and updating admissions officers on your accomplishments since you applied, then getting in off of the waitlist becomes a real possibility.

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Signaling Interest

For most students, the only signal they send reiterating their interest in the school is one or two throwaway lines at the beginning of their update letter. This is a waste of space, and our editors will make suggestions on how to optimize this part of the letter for both the college in question and your profile.

Updating Accomplishments

When updating Admissions Officers, you want to provide meaningful updates without going overboard with minute details. Our editors will help you craft and frame unique updates for each activity that will get the best possible response from admissions counselors.

Striking the Right Tone

Too often, students default to a highly formal and stilted tone when writing a letter to admissions counselor. But adding a bit of personality and warmth is often essential. Remember, it’s a human being on the other side that will be reading your letter and making the decision.

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