3 months ago
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Is there any way to get an expert's answer (with karma) in a specific community (e.g. Harvard prospective students)?

I posted a question to the Harvard prospective student community but there was no checkbox to ask for an expert's answer using 20 karma. The option was there (and it worked) in the normal Admissions Advice section. Is that feature just not available for specific communities? Should I re-ask my question in the general Admissions Advice to get an expert answer?



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3 months ago

Thanks for reaching out about this! There is an expert assigned to the Harvard community that can help address any questions you may have, however, we don't require 20 karma to get a response.

I'd suggest reposting your question in the Harvard community and noting that the question is for Elias Millier @EliasMiller, and Elias will be able to help from there!

Let me know if you have any additional questions on this!


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