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Do I get any advantage at all if one of my parents completed a graduate degree at Harvard Law School?

I saw another question related to this, the responder said that they would probably get an advantage closer to what an early decision application would receive. When I searched it up, Prepscholar said that because my parent did graduate school and not undergrad, I would not receive any Legacy advantage. I guess I would appreciate some clarification. I understand that I don't officially get any advantage, but would they still hold my application a bit higher?


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Harvard College (the undergraduate school) only recognizes an applicant as a "legacy" if one or the other or both parents are Harvard College alumni. Therefore, you get zero bumps from your parent attending Harvard Law School. Nevertheless, there are always exceptions and whoever reads your application might make a mental note that your parent went to HLS.

I believe the College Vine expert said to one poster that if both sisters were at Harvard, the 3rd sister might get a slight bump as if it were an ED bump but not the big legacy bump. But if this year's SCREA Single Choice Restricted Early Action admission rate is any indication of future early admits rates then the bump is not very big. In this cycle the SCREA rate was 7.4% and the last overall rate for the Class of 2024 was 4.92%. So you still have to be remarkable.

Hope that is helpful. Good luck.


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