5 months ago

Should I include the name of well-known person I interned with or just their company?

I interned with a well-known person in the film industry. Should I mention their name in my Common App (under the activities section) or just the name of their company, which an admissions counselor would probably have to Google to recognize? I don't want to sound like I am name dropping but I feel like it could make a difference knowing the caliber of persons I worked with. If I do list their name, should I list it as, "Academy Award winner John Doe" or would that also seem like emphasizing their accomplishments rather than my own?

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5 months ago

you should put in both. For example, (topic here....in result it leads me to an interview with [name here] from [company name here] )


5 months ago

That is a good question. I think whether you mention it or not directly they would still learn about it when they verify that you interned with him.


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