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Paying for College

College, college, college!

Hey CollegeVine users! I've been answering your questions about college for about two days. Many questions asked were, well, a LOT of college questions. So I thought, why not make a discussion for everyone? That would be cool! Down below, I've listed answers to many questions I've seen the most. I hope these are helpful!


There are many great ways to pay for colleges. From scholarships to Federal Aid and grants. Many websites nowadays have scholarships that can be earned starting from freshman year;






And of course, there are many more not listed above. I'm pretty sure some of these sites (mostly collegexpress) list other scholarship websites.


So you want to get a college's attention, but don't know how? I didn't know how either! Bus during my freshman year in High School, my teachers listed a few sites that got me going and rolling!

(1. CollegeXpress.

This site lets students, not only earn scholarships but explore colleges. CollegeXpress lets a person contact a college with just a bit of information. Within a few days, that certain college will contact you! To sign up, simply go to CollegeXpress.com, enter your information, and you're all set!

2. MyOptions.

MyOptions is almost the same thing as CollegeXpress. Only MyOptions shows colleges interested in YOU. You can also explore scholarships and set filters to find your dream school!

3. Request Information from a Universities Website.

Most colleges offer a "Request Information Page." All you need to do is locate the college, find that page, and enter your information! You should receive an email. But be patient! Some colleges may not respond right away!)

3. What Should I Major In?

There's not exactly one answer to this question. In fact, there are many. I suggest you explore different majors. From art to science, business to education, explore it all! Some college websites like Arizona State University and The University of Oklahoma offer major quizzes. These quizzes aren't exact, but they give you an idea of what to look for in certain majors.

4. I'm International. How do I pay for college?

Every school is different. Some schools offer scholarships for international students. Take a look at some of the scholarship websites I listed above, and search for International Scholarships.

5. LGBTQ? No Way In?

Of course, you can still get into college! Many colleges now have LGBTQ+ communities and are welcoming to these students! Matter of fact, CollegeXpress has an article stating scholarships for LGBTQ+ Students. Bold.org also offers LGBTQ+ scholarships!

6. What Kind of College Should I Attend?

This question, like many others, has many different answers. Again, there are many personality tests that give an idea of what to look for. I believe Bold.org, CollegeXpress, Cappex, and Niche show you recommended schools. These are based on, location, GPA, social status, and more. I also recommended looking at a college website and make a list of what you like and don't!

7. What Are My Chances?

Try using CollegeVine's Chancing! Schools are listed as Safety, Target, Hard Target, and Reach colleges!

I hope this helped those who needed it. Please let me know if there's something I missed!

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The uncertainty around college admissions and the anxiety that surrounds searching the right tertiary institution for one, all centers around one's research and personality. I would say research is the major key in answering the questions that we have about colleges. So how do we go about researching?

I think the following points would help:

1. Use the varsity institutions' websites.

2. Contact the admissions office through their email and they are always eager to help out.

3. Ask the ambassador for that country you may wish to go to.

4. Connect with other people who have gone through the path that you wish to tackle through social networking sites..

Furthermore, choosing a major is not much of a problem because once admitted most institutions allow you to take your final decision after your first year or even your second year..

So let us worry less and trust the process.


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