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School List Suggestions

Which schools should I apply to?

Current freshman; Here are my criteria

-I will only apply to max 5 colleges- I don't have the money or time to apply to more.

- I live in Michigan and I'm really close to my family, so nothing too far

-I will rely on good financial aid.

-Public or Private doesn't matter

-Maybe a little smaller campus

- I don't want too much of a toxic competitive environment

-My top 4 majors: Psychology, Sociology, Business Managementor Marketing (i dont really know, i expect this to change. I'm leaning most towards sociology)

- I have a very competitive GPA

- Some of my top choices include

-U of M (close to home, my school sends TONS of kids to U of M)

- Northwestern (Dream school before I knew about college)

-Harvard (Love the campus, prestige, and academics)

-Princeton (i absolutely LOVE Princeton. Everything about it is perfect)

-Mich State (Safety school, close to home)

-William and Mary (saw their campus and researched the academics. Wow.)

I'm open to any others that fit my criteria! Thanks!


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10 months ago

Definitely UMich and MSU. In-state tuition and acceptance rates (especially for UMich) are very beneficial. MSU is good for a safety school and even has a scholarship competition where you could get up to a full ride. UMich also does pretty good financial aid via their Go Blue guarantee, but even if you don't qualify for that, you could still be chosen to receive a full-ride scholarship through their HAIL scholarship.

As for the other schools, I would suggest you wait before making a final decision. This year's application cycle chances a lot of things and essentially invalidates the data from all past years because schools are going test-optional and most likely remaining that way. There were tons more applicants this year, so acceptance rates greatly decreased, especially for selective and well-known schools. Once admissions date from this year and next are published is when it would be best to finalize your application choices. In these next two years, spend more time researching and touring all these schools. Talk with admissions counselors and current or past students. When you decide on your major and learn more about what each college offers, you should be able to easily narrow down your list. I wish you the best of luck in your college search!


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