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School List Suggestions

please suggest good match schools for a junior that is interested in poli-sci/international relations/business!

I have some trouble with finding some good match/target schools for me.

Some Ideal Things In A School (they are not necessary, though):

- in a college town or in or near a city

- open curriculum/flexible gen-ed requirements

- good pre-professional programs (thinking about pre-law)

- ideally mid-sized (not too big, not too small)

GPA: 3.79 UW

Classwork: My school does not offer AP/IB classes. I take Honors Math + Honors Spanish (the two consistent Honors tracks at my school), plus 7 independent Honors A projects (4 Honors A = 1 Honors Class). I plan to do 1 more Honors A project.

SAT/ACT: 1280, sadly. I only took it once, and I may apply test-optional for some of my schools. I scored 29s on the last 2 practice ACTs, and I will take the ACT in July. I am also going to retake the SAT.

Extracurriculars (the strongest part of my application, honestly):

1. Model United Nations (Fall 2019-)

- Co-chaired two committees at international conferences; co-wrote the background guides for them

- Won the award for Best Position Paper

- Currently promotes a conference on social media as a country director

- Worked on the delegate affairs team

2. Habitat Youth Leaders (2021-)

- Chapter Director for my city (it's a small non-profit)

- Hosted a fundraiser for a low-income school

- Helps out with outreach and I co-hosted 1 seminar

3. Amnesty International Club (Fall 2018-)

- Current secretary of this club; may become the president next year

- I spoke at some school events and helped host the Longer Table Dinner

4. Taekwondo (2017-)

- Certified 1st Dan black belt

5. Fiveable Founding Member (Summer 2020)

- Helped optimize the test prep website Fiveable

- 22 volunteer hours

6. Hope Education Project & Other Volunteer Hours

- Helped tutor refugees (9th grade)

- Around 30 volunteer hours

Other Awards:

- Georgia Governor's Honors Program Semifinalist in Social Studies

Safeties: Georgia State, Agnes Scott

Matches: UGA, GW (I probably need more matches)

Reaches: Georgetown (my dream school!), Emory, Smith, Barnard, Claremont McKenna, and Georgia Tech

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Hello! I think American University would be a great fit for you. They have several programs for those who are interested in political science: criminology, legal studies, etc. The school is in Washington DC and has access to several internships and connections at governmental agencies. They have a 7-year program to earn a bachelor’s and master’s in poli-sci as well as a fast-tracked 3-year program called Politics, Policy & Law. Try looking at AU’s website or attending Eagle Day if that is of interest to you!


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Hi @k-pop_stanner -- I'm glad you're so on top of building your list and getting yourself ready for college applications. The best place to build your list based on your involvement and coursework is through the CollegeVine hub (https://www.collegevine.com/schools/hub/all/canvas). If you put your information into the chancing calculator, you'll be able to sort schools by chance, location, and many other factors. This is a great way to start a school list from scratch, narrow one down, or discover schools you haven't encountered yet!


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