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hi! what colleges would you recommend for an international students needing a lot of financial aid

some more details: my approximate GPA is 3.5-3.6 (by the end of senior year it may rise to 3.7 ish) and an SAT of 1550, a pretty solid list of extracurriculars with a spike: writing. I will also try to go to the English olympiad in my country and maybe the biology one in my junior year (in sophomore they were all cancelled) and will also go to Harvard MUN. Speaking of MUN, I also have a few awards in that field that I got in those online international muns I did over quarantine. I took mentorship classes from ivy league graduates. and for reference, my family can afford like 5k-10k a year. my school/country isn't really educated on US colleges and neither am I so I would appreciate a list of safety colleges that I could apply to <3 thank you in advance stay safe everyone!!

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Typically the schools which offer some of the best aid are also schools which are difficult to get into. So, the schools which offer the best aid overall I wouldn't consider safeties but if you can be accepted you will get a generous aid package. Here's a list of schools which offer financial aid to international students: https://blog.collegevine.com/schools-that-grant-financial-aid-to-international-students-a-complete-list/.


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