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UPenn prospective students

UPenn College of the Arts & Sciences?

Is going to the UPenn College of the Arts & Sciences worth it for undergrad? The majors I'm looking at are environmental science, social sciences, arts (studio art/painting), and English (basically anything in the arts/humanities). Would it be better to go to another top college that's less focused on business/nursing, etc?


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3 months ago

Class of 2025 here! Penn's College of Arts and Sciences is amazing. I'm a political science student, and Penn has resources that many of the other Ivy Leagues don't have in terms of connections and opportunities. Penn is the perfect university for undecided students because they are truly strong in everything. Penn CAS is definitely "worth it," and you should look more into the resources available to students in your particular major on their website and throughout other forums with Penn students.


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