Ronni Shaw
Ronni Shaw


Ronni Shaw (she/her) is from Boston, Massachusetts and attended Washington University in St. Louis and Boston University School of Social Work. She is trained as a clinical social worker and has worked extensively in education, non-profits, community organizing, foundation direction, and social and political activism. She became especially interested in the college application process when her children, at a private college-prep high school in Nashville, were guided with the exact correct balanc...

Boston/Southern New Hampshire
34 years of experience
Washington University in St. Louis – BA | Sociology with a minor in psychology. Also took many education, literature, and anthropology classes.
Boston University – MSW | Social Work degree with emphasis on clinical work and community organizing.
Community Organizing
Special Education
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
International Relations
Public Policy
First-Generation College Students
Ronni helped students get into:
George Washington UniversityTulane UniversityEmory University
Northeastern UniversityUniversity of ChicagoLoyola University Chicago
George Washington University
Tulane University
Emory University
Northeastern University
University of Chicago
Loyola University Chicago
One-on-one advising
Personalized college counseling
Building a school list. Getting into an Ivy League school. Writing amazing college essays. I can help!
One-on-one advising
Personalized college counseling
Building a school list. Getting into an Ivy League school. Writing amazing college essays. I can help!

My process

I want to hear from you, and the main adults in your life, to begin this process. Together we will figure out how best I can help, what your main goals are, and make a detailed plan to reach them in a timely manner. I will ask questions to help you define your objectives and concerns and to make sure I am understanding them accurately. As I provide service & support, I will check-in offen to make sure you feel we are on the right track. I will expect you to be honest & open about your expectations, our pace, and the quality of the help I am providing. I will give you regular & detailed feedback. Examples of what we can work on include, but are not limited to, strengthening your extracurricular and academic profiles, crafting an essay and resume that showcase your skills, applying for financial aid & scholarships, creating and narrowing your college list, and making the final choice. My goal is to help you find the academic and social environment that is the best fit for you to have a successful college experience and set you up to achieve your longer-term goals. I will provide an optional short evaluation for you to complete when our work together is finished.
Tips for success
1. Prepare for your first session
Plan out the questions and topics you'd like to discuss. If you'd like to work together in the long term, discuss expectations for each other.


5 hours

5 hours

Great for the following type of work: defining, setting and managing goals, choosing schools to apply to, working on your essay or resume, practicing interview skills, or reviewing financial aid/scholarship options.
Save 7%


10 hours

10 hours

Great for a deeper dive into a few of whichever portions of the college application process you find most challenging. This package includes a strategic planning piece including due dates for you to share with your adults.
Save 13%


25 hours

25 hours

Here is detailed support for your application process and includes a strategic plan with delineated objectives, assigned responsibilities, and due dates outlined for you to share with your adults.
Save 20%


Advising hours

College admissions advising

$150.00 / 60 min
Set a focus for each session or get help with any aspect of the admissions process.

HS Counselor Reference

$115.00 / 45 min
We will strategize for obtaining this key component. This session can be in 2 parts for follow-up.

1st Consultation

$20.00 / 30 min
Tell me your story and ask me questions. Decide if I am right for you!

Creating a Balanced School List

$150.00 / 60 min
From your list, we will choose safety, target, and reach schools that are the best fit for you.

Majors & Careers

$150.00 / 60 min
We'll discuss potential career paths and pick potential majors for you.

Essay Outlining

$150.00 / 60 min
We'll detail and outline your two best ideas so you will be ready to write a successful essay.

Resume Prep

$150.00 / 60 min
We'll create structure and format for your resume, including major deletions and additions.

Get Organized!

$115.00 / 45 min
We will build a shared Google Sheet to track your college data and deadlines.

Interviewing 101

$150.00 / 60 min
We'll figure out your strengths and work on your challenges related to interviewing.

Interviewing 202

$225.00 / 90 min
We'll run a mock interview and discuss your strengths and challenges.

Transfer Students

$220.00 / 90 min
We'll make a plan for the change that's right for you, including essay ideas and list building.

Essay Editing 200-400 words

$150.00 / 60 min
We'll edit your 200-400 word essay together. You will know your next steps in the writing process.

Resume Editing

$150.00 / 60 min
Together, we will edit your resume for content and format, leaving you with a polished resume.


$75.00 / 30 min
We'll discuss how to build and present your extracurriculars.

Building Your School List

$190.00 / 75 min
We'll create, and decide focus for researching, a list of schools for you to seriously consider.

Essay Prep

$115.00 / 45 min
Brainstorm or hone potential essay topics to set you up for success.

Essay Editing 500-650 words

$225.00 / 90 min
We'll edit your 500-650 word essay together. You will know your next steps in the writing process.

Open Topics

$75.00 / 30 min
For ongoing clients: message up to 3 questions, 24-hours in advance, to be answered at our session.

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