Juna Gjata
Juna Gjata


My academic background is primarily in the life sciences--particularly Cognitive Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology. However, my professional experience skews more towards digital media and production. I am passionate about helping students bring out their best qualities and chose a career path that fulfills and sustains them.

2 years of experience
Harvard University – BA | Cognitive Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology with a minor in Music
Cognitive Science
Juna helped students get into:
Harvard UniversityPrinceton UniversityBoston University
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyColumbia UniversityCornell University
Harvard University
Princeton University
Boston University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Columbia University
Cornell University
Join a quick meeting
Let’s chat
Any questions? Let’s hop on a quick call to learn more about your needs in the admissions process and how I can approach them
Join a quick meeting
Let’s chat
Any questions? Let’s hop on a quick call to learn more about your needs in the admissions process and how I can approach them

My process

I am here to serve *your* needs--whether you simply want some guidance on schools or majors you're already thinking about, or are completely lost and unsure how to navigate the college application process. Applying to college can be scary, but my goal is making you as comfortable and confident as possible. I want colleges to see the BEST version of you. Come to our meetings with questions, concerns, and ideas, and we'll talk it all through!
Tips for success
1. Prepare for your first session
Plan out the questions and topics you'd like to discuss. If you'd like to work together in the long term, discuss expectations for each other.



5 hours

This is for those looking for moderate guidance in the college admissions process. Perhaps you want someone to do a final look through essays and resumes. Or maybe your application is mostly all set, but you're stuck on a few supplements. Maybe you. just need help with the initial phases of picking colleges. This is for families who just need an initial nudge in the right direction, or who want a more professional final look at their materials.
Save 4%



10 hours

For those who may need slightly more guidance than the "Starter" pack offers. With this package, we can tackle larger needs that the applicant may have such as crafting an essay from start to finish or discussing interview strategies and techniques.
Save 8%



25 hours

My most in depth package, this is for families looking for a detailed and step by step look at the college admissions process. This is a broad spectrum approach to the entire application journey. We will walk through every step of finding schools that are a good fit for the applicant, constructing a competitive and unique application, crafting an essay that stands out, and then turning in all the documents and supplementary material
Save 13%


Advising hours

College admissions advising

$120.00 / 60 min
Set a focus for each session or get help with any aspect of the admissions process.

Become a Bomb Interviewee

$120.00 / 60 min
The college interview can be scary or... it can be *fun* and a great time to show your personality!

Make That Resume SHINE

$120.00 / 60 min
Typos, formatting, headings... Believe it or not, these things MATTER. Create your best resume.

Essay Editing Extravaganza

$120.00 / 60 min
Everything you need to write your best essay: brainstorming, editing, advice, and more.

So... What Do I Major In?

$120.00 / 60 min
Choosing your life path at 17? Yeah, sounds insane right? Let's break it down and make it simple!

Essay review

Full Review

$25.00 + 8 cents per word
Estimated return time: 24 hours
  • Review your profile and the information provided
  • Review your essay draft
  • Offer detailed guidance for refining your essay topic and structure
  • Leave in-document feedback and changes
  • Correct grammar and punctuation (if applicable)
  • Provide a set of clear actionable next steps

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