Bryan Tong

Industry expert
4.7(26 reviews)

Bryan Tong

Industry expert
4.7(26 reviews)

Bryan Tong

Hi! I am a current senior at Duke University studying Computer Science and Music with a minor in Statistics. My passion for helping people perfectly craft and present their personal story led me to become an Applications Consultant. Throughout my experience, I helped twelve clients gain admission to at least one of their top 3 school choices as well as a number of scholarships and programs, with client majors ranging from computer science and engineering to history and architecture. My specialization and interest in essay editing stems from my own college application experience as well as reviewing countless essays from clients, family, and friends. Outside of academics, I enjoy playing piano and cello, basketball, chess, and poker. I am looking forward to working with you!


Worked as an Applications Consultant, guiding Applications clients 1-on-1 through the entire college application process and building meaningful client relationships. Responsibilities included helping clients: build a school list, fill out the Common Application, brainstorm essay topics, draft/edit/finalize essays, prepare for interviews, apply for scholarships, navigate the waitlist and deferral process, and select the right school


Current Senior at Duke University
B.S. in Computer Science with a concentration in AI and Machine Learning
B.A. in Music with a concentration in Performance
Minor in Statistical Science


Recent reviews


Lance W.
“Very good, thank you!!!"
Junhua W.
“Great, honest feedback. To the point. I was able to adjust my essay and made it much better."
Kailez C.
“I appreciate the feedback you gave me! Thank you!"
Katrina T.
“Thank you! "
Christopher Z.
“Hi Bryan! I dont know if you can see this, but if you can thank you SO MUCH for this review. Super thorough feedback and you definitely made great points. I think what has happened is I have rewritten smaller sections of the essay so many times after getting regular collegevine reviews that it lost meaning in a lot of places. It's also unfortunate that not a lot of people dont like hand raising lol . If I need any other essay help I will probably send stuff to you -- especially since you are the only one who responds fast enough(one person had my essay for three days and then refunded it like brooooo)."

1:1 Consulting (virtual)

$80 / hour

Essay Review

$67.50 (Full Review | 650 words)
Estimated return time: 5 hours