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“I can’t believe you do this session for free — we went to another firm that charged us over $150 for a similar call that wasn’t even as close to how useful this consult was for us. After seeing your consultants in action firsthand, we are definitely considering working with you guys. Thank you so much for all the advice and info!” — Janie S.

(If we tried to list all of the feedback from happy students and parents we got on this page, our health insurance would probably go up from all the typing we’d have to do.)

We offer free consultations to any interested student or parent. It’s simple — fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you in less than 24 hours to schedule your free session.

During the call (~45 minutes), you will speak with one of our admissions specialists (and sometimes even one of the founders!) about every aspect of your academic and extracurricular profile. We’ll ask you questions designed to mimic the way real college admissions officers evaluate applications, and from these we’ll clearly determine your strengths and weaknesses in the admissions process. Since we’ve advised thousands of students in the past, we’ll also be able to give you actionable advice and recommendations that will tangibly improve your chances of getting admitted. As a bonus, we can also let you know how you truly stack up relative to other applicants to your school. (So long, dubious “Chance Me” threads on CollegeConfidential!)

Our clients have described their initial consult as “the single best thing you can do if you are applying to college.” Find out why for yourself!

What You Can Expect on Each Call

Academic Review

Colleges use what’s called an Academic Index to rank you relative to your peers academically. Based on your actual grades and test scores, we’ll let you know how you stack up and where you can improve.

Extracurricular Analysis

What you do outside of the classroom matters, too. But not all activities are equal in admissions. We’ll let you know how to build & interpret your resume and offer real ideas on how to improve it.

Passion Discovery

Often, the things you do “just for fun” are the strongest aspect of your profile, but you might not realize it. We’ll help uncover your passions and let you know how they can be your secret weapon!

School List / Dream School

Students and parents usually have a vague idea of what schools they want to attend, or at the very least have 1 school in mind. We’ll let you know your chances, as well as recommend some if you aren’t sure!

Expert Q&A Session

Have any questions about college admissions in general that are super specific to your profile? Now that we understand your situation completely, we can answer questions exactly as they pertain to your situation. No more guesswork!

Service Recommendations

Based on your specific strengths and weaknesses, as well as your dreams and goals, we’ll let you know if we think there’s a way that we can help you. Here, you can learn exactly how our programs work and decide whether they are appealing to you!

Still not convinced? (Seriously, it's literally free.) Email zack (at) with any questions you might have.

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