Just for Juniors: Advising Hours with Giebien

Recorded Wednesday, December 16 at 11:00 PM

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Join Giebien Na for another installment of CollegeVine's Just for Juniors Advising Hours!

In this event designed specifically for current juniors in high school and their families, Giebien will open the floor to allow you to ask any and all questions you might have about the admissions process. Stop in to ask a few questions or stick around for the whole hour to learn from other viewers' questions!

Your host

Undergrad College: Williams College '20

Work Experience: I first joined CollegeVine in the fall of 2016. Since then, I've worked as an essay and admissions consultant, SAT tutor, and hiring manager within the company. More recently, I've also advised hundreds of students in my livestreams, specializing in liberal arts colleges and standardized testing content.

My Admissions Story: I did almost everything wrong in my undergraduate applications, and I was never supposed to attend Williams. The fact that I did is the best thing that ever happened to me! I've learned a lot of tips over the years on what to do in your college applications, and I have ample first-hand experience of what not to do as well. But the biggest lesson of all? Don't let yourself stress too much about the admissions process. Things (somehow) found a way to work out for me in the end. They will for you, too!

Audience questions

These are questions from the audience that we had time to answer during the live session. If you have any other questions, you can request an answer from Giebien and other CollegeVine experts in an upcoming livestream or on the Q&A Forum anytime.
3:11@MohidBasha:How do you decide on a major when you have multiple interests?
5:55@anonymous:When applying to college in the senior year of high school, do we provide the transcript/class rank/gpa that we receive at the beginning of the 2nd semester of junior year? Or is there a different one?
8:20@anonymous:My mental health has not been really great, and has caused me to have not that great grades. What would your advice be to not let it ruin my college prospects?
11:07@ialvarado:How often do you recommend doing SAT practice? I just struggle with finding time to do it and how often I should do it
13:54@MohidBasha:Does it matter if you only do the SAT or is it recommended to do both the SAT and ACT for top colleges?
13:57@nono9941:I've heard that it's better to take the SAT more than once so you can choose between the two scores to send into college. Is there a certain time you recommend I take them the 1st time vs the 2nd?
17:16@goldenretriever1:Why does collegevine stop offering 1 on 1 counseling? Thank you !!
17:51@goldenretriever1:why did you choose Williams? Can you talk about what makes Williams unique? thanks
17:58@ialvarado:How many colleges did you apply to?
18:01@goldenretriever1:Hi, read your bio. Appreciate your candor. What not to do in the college application process :)?
18:06@goldenretriever1:what does it take to get into Williams?
18:11@goldenretriever1:what's your plan post Williams if you dont mind us asking !
26:27@anonymous:how bad do B's in junior year deface your transcripts when applying to highly competitive schools?
27:58@MohidBasha:How hard is it to dual major/dual minor?
29:28@MohidBasha:How can we start networking with admissions officers in our junior year?
32:24@ialvarado:What matters more: the amount of extracurriculars we have or the consistency we maintain with certain extracurriculars?
34:49@goldenretriever1:Do firms that recruit in Ivies also recruit at Williams? Doe Tech confirms recruit at Williams?
38:50@MohidBasha:What makes liberal art schools different from regular schools?
41:56@goldenretriever1:just to clarify did you say its easier to get into elite firms from Williams than big Ivies? thanks
43:28@MohidBasha:Can you change your major in college even if you applied as a different one initially?
46:37@Jescobar:If you want to have focus in a particular issue, lets say environmental effects of nuclear waste. How to do you show this specific interest to colleges?
48:57@goldenretriever1:can you speak to the legacy percentage at Williams?
50:31@MohidBasha:If you don't mind me asking, what made you choose to pursue management consulting and what major did you take to get into it? Thanks
53:53@goldenretriever1:could Williams students take courses at nearby schools
55:00@anonymous:Does it matter applying as undecided vs. a major in area of interest?
57:27@goldenretriever1:how would you compare between Williams and Amherst :)
59:51@anonymous:Great presentation by the way! -I'm learning a lot! Do WILLIAMS applicants need to have a spike as applicants to the IVY LEAGUE Universities need to have? *If so - what was your spike - if I may ask?
63:03@anonymous:What percentage of students at IVY LEAGUE Universities are legacy students please?
63:59@MohidBasha:When you apply to a college how do you know if you are applying directly to a program (ex. business school) vs the school in general?
66:44@MohidBasha:Do you have to go to the Ivy League universities in order to get recruited by top firms?
69:23@goldenretriever1:Can you share with us what you did in high school? Thank you!!
72:18@goldenretriever1:If you don't mind can u share with us what other schools u were considering attending ? Thanks and good job!!!
74:51@goldenretriever1:Do I need awards to get into Williams and Ivies? Thanks
76:44@MohidBasha:Can you be pre-med even if you major in something unrelated to bio for example econ?
78:43@MohidBasha:Should we start applying for scholarships in our junior year?
81:16@goldenretriever1:Do national scholarship like Gates scholarship carry weight in college admissions
82:43@MohidBasha:Does the IB Diploma Program look good on college applications and make you more competitive?
84:43@goldenretriever1:How is a Wharton undergrad degree received by ppl in general ? Thanks
86:08@SaffronPatel:If I want to go to medical school, is it better to attend a school where I can get a close to perfect GPA or a top tier school?
89:37@goldenretriever1:When sh When should I start writing college essays
92:32@SaffronPatel:If I would like to go to medical school, is it better to go to a school where I could get a (close) to perfect GPA, or is it better to go to a top tier school?
92:44@MohidBasha:If you don't mind sharing, what was your major and why did you choose it? Thank you
96:03@goldenretriever1:How much weight academic vs extracurricular vs recommendation carry for Williams
98:41@goldenretriever1:Do ppl go to Wharton for the purpose of banking/finance jobs? It doesn't seem a well rounded education to me at all
101:03@SaffronPatel:how many AP's did you take?
102:12@MohidBasha:How did you manage the workload for that many majors? How long did it take you to complete them?
103:06@goldenretriever1:I'm interested in technology. What r the best schools to attend? Would Williams fit? Thanks😊
105:15@goldenretriever1:I love to sing. Does Williams have acapella
105:18@goldenretriever1:Do a lot of Williams students from East Coast/New England areas
107:48@goldenretriever1:When should I ask for recommendation


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