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Our students see real results

3% of perfect scorers

In a single year, our students represented 3% of the entire world’s perfect scorers.

17 hours for real results

Our students start to see significant 
results (100+ points) after just 8 sessions.

250 point improvement

On average, students we’ve tutored have an increase of 250 points on their scores.

We’ve figured out how to make SAT tutoring as effective as possible

Diagonostic Exam

Take a comprehensive diagnostic that identifies strengths and weakness

Customized Plan

Based on your diagnostic results, we'll create a custom tutoring plan that's unique to you.

1-on-1 Tutoring

We pair you with your own private tutor who provides virtual guidance through your sessions.

Progress monitoring

Students and parents 
are given unparalleled progress tracking and score prediction tools.

All CollegeVine programs are powered by:

One-on-one guidance, like you’d get at the best private schools but without the super expensive tuition.

Our own technology that makes the best admissions guidance available to any family.

6000+ students’ worth of admissions data to demystify the process and provide extremely high quality advising.

Flexible, affordable pricing

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6 Weeks

Success Course

10 Weeks

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