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Today, the high school students you tutor are facing a problem.

The very best private schools

Students are automatically paired with their own college counselor, someone who will guide them through the entire college process. It starts with helping determine their unique passions and interests. Then it’s everything from choosing the perfect school list to crafting an amazing resume and unbeatable college essay. Oh, and it starts as early as freshman year at some schools.

Public schools

Students receive virtually zero personalized attention. It's not the guidance counselors' fault — their budgets keep getting slashed while their responsibilities keep increasing. So in reality, their job is just to make sure you get in somewhere, never mind where you’ll actually fit in, grow as a person, and want to spend the next 4 years of your life. Some students never even discuss college until senior year.

Public high school students live this reality:

38 minutes

Guidance time an average student receives from their public school across 4 years


Average ratio of guidance counselors to students in US public schools

At CollegeVine, we’re leveling the playing field by combining smart people with incredible tech and data.

Our Consultants

Our consultants are recruited from the top universities in the nation. Then, they are intensively trained in the CollegeVine Admissions System to prepare them to advise students on all topics related to college admissions. Besides their elite qualifications, we also screen our consultants rigorously to ensure they are highly effective at relating to their clients. Combined with their closeness in age, we find that this combination of expertise and empathy makes them uniquely powerful counselors for high school students.

Our Technology

As the largest admissions advisory company in the nation, we’ve worked with over 10,000 students on the college admissions process. Over the years, we’ve rigorously tracked profile data from each student and tied it to their admissions results at the schools they applied to. This data has been extremely helpful in understanding larger admissions trends and strategically advising our own students through the admissions process. We’ve built that data into our technology, which our consultants then use to provide data-driven advising to families. The result is an advising process based in actual data, not qualitative anecdotes.

Results & Testimonials


average scholarship size won by our students


Students accepted at one or more of their top three choices


CollegeVine’s affordable prices compared to industry average


families would recommend CollegeVine

We’re Looking for Great Tutors Like You to Help With Our Cause

It’s simple. Refer students, change lives, and make $.

You already have students that you work with. If you refer them to CollegeVine and they mention you by name, you’ll be credited $200 after they purchase any CollegeVine advising package. Our services start at $80/hr and are less than half the cost of the industry average, and we advise students whether they are just beginning the process in 9th grade or about to enter the application process as seniors.


Earned for every referral


Bonus for the tutor with the highest referrals in a month

We Provide 2 Helpful, Free Options to Make It Easy to Refer Your Existing Clients

Free, Personalized Consultation for Families

We’ll provide each of the clients you tutor a free advising session with one of our Enrollment Directors. Basically, during a free 45-minute session, our team will meet with the student and his/her parents to help them understand where they are in the process, discover their goals for college admissions, and provide free expert recommendations for how to make the most of the complex process ahead.

Free Online Webinar Presentations

We also offer free online presentations for your families where we’ll share our expert tips on various college admissions topics. Past topics have included A Guide to Choosing Which Colleges to Apply To, How Ivy League Admissions Work, How Standardized Tests Actually Affect Your Application, and How to Maximize Your Financial Aid.

All you have to do is refer your students to one of the above options. If they find our tips helpful and want to learn more, we’ll let them know about our paid programs. If they join one of our programs, we’ll credit you with $200! Since it’s free, there’s no pressure for your families to join, and they’ll only decide to enroll if they feel it makes sense for them.

Lastly, We’ll Also Send You New Clients!

We’ve worked with over 10,000 high school students, and literally millions of families visit our website each year. Along the way, we’ve gotten tons of requests from families asking for help with tutoring in certain subjects. Since the only tutoring we offer is SAT tutoring, we’ve always had to turn them down. That is, until now.
We’re building an elite database of tutors to recommend to our tens of thousands of families. So when you join the Preferred Tutor Network, you’ll periodically receive requests from us as to whether you’re accepting new students. It’s our way of making sure our clients tutoring from a vetted, trusted network of expert professionals.


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