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What is the CollegeVine SAT diagnostic?

Taking and re-taking SAT practice tests won’t improve a student’s score on the SAT if they don’t know their strengths and weaknesses. CollegeVine’s comprehensive SAT diagnostic identifies the precise concepts within each subject area of the SAT that students are struggling with.

What’s the diagnostic exam like?

This diagnostic exam fully replicates the SAT test-taking experience. Each section of the test is timed exactly the same as on the real SAT. At the end of the diagnostic, students will answer a variety of questions that explore their approach to different question types and which questions they thought were more difficult.

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How will our tutors use the diagnostic?

Your child's tutor will present her with a diagnostic analysis report and walk her through each section, explaining her score.

Our diagnostic report shows a student’s SAT scores for each section, including how many reading, writing, and math questions they got correct. It also shows the most frequent concepts they missed in each section and which questions they got wrong based on difficulty level.

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What does a good diagnostic tell you?

The diagnostic is essential because it informs the trajectory of the program. After reviewing the report, your child and their tutor will work together to create a targeted roadmap that focuses on the weak points identified in the diagnostic. Additionally, our diagnostic is able to identify gaps in test-taking strategy and approach, not just the areas a student needs help in.


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+260 Points

Students we've tutored have seen score increases of up to 260 points.

8 Sessions

Our students start to see significant results (100+ points) after just 8 sessions.


In the past year, our students represented 3% of the entire world's perfect scores.

How to Build a Strong SAT Plan

Students that we've tutored have seen score increases of up to 260 points. By pinpointing strengths and weaknesses through the diagnostic, we’re able to design a better prep strategy that helps students fill in knowledge gaps.

Our highly trained tutors, who’ve scored in the 99th percentile of the SAT in recent years, will work closely with students during online tutoring sessions. They’ll also provide realistic practice materials that match the real SAT as much as possible.


We help students understand what concepts they miss in each section:

  • Writing & Language
  • Reading
  • Math
  • Essay

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