The CollegeVine SAT Tutoring Program

Our curriculum represents one of the most comprehensive SAT prep programs in the nation.


  • 150 point increase for J.P. (1430-1580)
  • 190 point increase for Z.L. (1330-1520)
  • 130 point increase for C.X. (1470-1600)
  • 280 point increase for V.B. (1150-1430) after 12 hours
  • 140 point improvement

    On average, our students see an increase of 140 points on their final score.

  • 17 Hours To See Dramatic Improvement

    Our students start to see significant results (100+ points) after just 8 sessions of tutoring.

  • 3 percent of the world's perfect scores

    In a single year, our students represented 3% of the entire world's perfect scores.

How do our students do so well?

Our SAT Tutors

Experts on the Test

Our tutors represent the brightest and most talented in the world. All of our meticulously selected tutors are required to score in the 99th percentile on the section of the exam they are teaching. (Our average score is 780.)
The resulting quality of instruction can't be beat.

  • 780 Average Verbal Score
  • 780 Average Math Score

2-1 Teacher Student Ratio

We pair you with two private tutors, one for Verbal (Reading, English, and Writing [Essay]) and one for Math. All of our tutors attend top 30 universities and are chosen based on teaching skills and ability to relate to their students.

Your Personal Tutor. Anywhere.

All of our tutoring programs are conducted online via video chat. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll receive premium instruction from our top tutors, right in your home.

Our program

Targeted strategies across all sections.

A Reading Method Unlike Any Other

Strategies to Maximize the Score

Did you know that you only need to know 4 core concepts to answer every SAT reading question? After countless hours of tutoring with students across all score ranges, we’re confident that we know the best way to maximize the score and minimize the time input on the reading test. In fact, most of our students finish the reading section with over 10 minutes to spare. Our method of teaches time saving strategies based on Question Segmentation, allowing you to focus purely on the content in front of you.

Real Critical Reading

What drives our students' high scores isn’t just how we take the test; after we’ve taught students our strategy for approaching reading, we actually teach them how to read critically — a skill often neglected in schools today. Using our proprietary method developed by Harvard humanities majors, we’ve developed a way to easily teach students how to comprehend virtually any passage that’s thrown at them at a high level.

Historical Documents Supplement

Students often report that the hardest part of the new SAT are the reading passages written in ye olde English. We’ve created an innovative method to help them bridge the gap. By learning our method to translate any old English document into present day English quickly and effectively, our students don’t waste time puzzling over those questions and passages.

Comprehensive Grammar Rules to Ace English

A Rule for Every Question

Our grammar rules are exhaustive: 69 pages of exhaustive to be exact. We’ve developed a series of just 16 simple rules that completely represent all questions on the test. If you can find an SAT question that is not 100% explained by our grammar rules, we’ll refund your course in full. Guaranteed.

Updated Grammar Strategies

The SAT may have updated its grammar section, but that doesn’t mean you have to be caught by surprise. We’ll teach you strategies to beat the new tricks and question types that the SAT tries to throw at students. Our curriculum has a special focus on the writing quality, insertion, deletion, and data/table questions that have been newly emphasized on the SAT.

The Essay Made Simple

Our Formula

At CollegeVine, we take writing seriously. We’ve reduced the SAT essay to a straightforward formula that only requires you to plug in the information we tell you to guarantee your ideal score on the essay.

Real Writing Training

Students who go through our SAT Essay program score higher by fundamentally understanding better the components of good writing. We teach our students high level ideation, diction, literary devices, and more.

Case Studies

The problem with many SAT programs that attempt to teach the essay section is that they don’t provide students with adequate examples to learn from. We have a collection of real essays broken down line by line, annotated to show the good and bad, and we use them as instructive material to teach students how to improve their own writing execution.

Targeted Math Program

Powerful Diagnostic

There’s no point in learning things you already know. Our math program always begins with a complete diagnostic test powered by conceptual analytics to understand what exactly it is that you’re missing. We then walk you through all of the math concepts you need to know to ace the exam.

Emphasis on Problem Solving

It may come as a surprise that the SAT isn’t actually very “smart.” The entire exam only tests a set number of math concepts; however, it disguises them in confusing ways for students. We’ll teach you how to approach different types of SAT questions in a methodical way so that you can focus on the core math that is being tested.

Special Focus on Difficult Word Problems

Students often report that the trickiest questions on the SAT are the word problems. Our program will walk you through some of the most difficult SAT word problems so that you’ll be prepared when you see them on your test. We’ll teach you how to turn those word problems back into math problems so that you can easily take them out.

Independent Study Plan


In between your sessions, you will be sent an independent study plan to continue training on your own leading up to the SAT. The plan contains a series of tests to take, a schedule of when to take them, as well as a personal score calculator to easily grade exams.

Full-Length Tests

Don’t practice with the wrong materials. Our program only uses full-length SAT exams and we continue this with our independent study plan. After your course, you’ll receive several additional full length exams to continue your training and practice the strategies you learned in your time with CollegeVine.

Score Calculator

It can be tough grading and scoring all of those exams you’re taking. As part of your independent study plan, we’ll provide you with an easy to use score calculator to quickly grade your exams. You can spend your time improving your scores, not messing around with the arithmetic to calculate them.

Hourly Courses

Custom course plans designed for every type of student.

Our program begins with a diagnostic exam to determine each student's strengths and weaknesses. We then use those results to generate a custom course plan with the specific number of strategy sessions. Our students save time and money by using the exact amount of prep needed to score their ideal SAT score.

Personalized SAT Course

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  • Diagnostic Test and Analysis
  • Grammar Rules
  • English Strategy
  • Reading Strategy
  • Essay Strategy
  • Sample Essays
  • Vocabulary List
  • Literary Devices + Tone and Mood
  • Conceptual Math Training
  • Independent Study Plan
  • Targeted Practice Sessions
  • 200 Pages of Additional Study Material

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