8 months ago
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Chancing calculator for 2022

Would the chancing calculator change for 2022 admission cycle? Would colleges have SAT/ACT

optional? Will there be difference between 2021 admissions vs 2022?


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8 months ago

I would assume that since the chancing is based off of admissions, they might update it with the new data from this year's admissions cycle. For example, when it compares your GPA to that of people of your demographic and people of ALL demographics, that'll get updated when Collegevine gets new data about the GPA of people that were admitted this cycle. I think they'll also update whether something is SAT/ACT optional based on the information the college itself puts out, or you can use that school's link (usually provided by collegeboard) to find out from the source, if collegevine doesn't have it

8 months ago

So I’m not a part of Collegevine but I do believe they regularly tweak the engine for most accurate results and that would be using new data. So it is kind of changed but not noticeably.

If anything 2022 will have a slightly higher average admission rate then this years cycle.

If you go to the chancing profile you can click test-optional but please remember not all schools are test optional. I’d say about a super majority (66%) will be test optional and likely more than that.

Other than that the main difference will be the SAT Subject tests and for that information I’d watch the CV livestream about it. There always a change year to year but it shouldn’t move any schools from target to safety or vice versa.

Hope this helps and feel free to comment if you’s like clarification as I’d be more than happy to help!


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