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sat subject test II math > calculas

is sat subject test II math have calculas . if i required for psat is there has any calculas


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8 months ago

SAT II Math Level 1 has no Calculus, and Math Level 2 has some Pre-Calculus Functions (Trig.)

PSAT has no Calculus

SAT has no Calculus

Note- CollegeBoard has announced it will eliminate both SAT II subject tests and the Optional Essay section of the SAT after June 2021. So I wouldn't study for any Subject tests unless you take them in the next 3/4 months.

8 months ago

I took the PSAT earlier this year and it does have no calculus. But it did have pre-calculus in the form of functions. I recommend "PWN the SAT" since it covers everything math you'd need to know for the test.

The SAT subject tests are canceled! So there is no reason to worry about those unless you were registered for them in the next 3-4 months. Since they are canceled, this means they won't play a role in admissions.


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