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Is AP Physics necessary for a comp. sci major? And just for information.. my school has a very low rate of AP participation, so if 5 people don't sign up, then we won't have it. The same rule applies to the course that would be major specific for me, and nobody has the prerequisites to do it. Should I coerce people to take it with me and have a 5 AP schedule, or stick to major-specific summer community college credits? Personally I think I should do the latter. I just don't want anybody thinking that I didn't challenge myself in actual school.. I worry too much, I know.

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What would be the major-specific summer community college credits? Edit: Also, 4 AP's is already a decent amount of AP's. How many did you take last year? Generally around 7-11 is considered rigorous, especially if you have an upward trend in your schedule.

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AP Physics is not necessary for CS, but it does look good if you do well in it, since it deals with math & logic. If you have the chance to take it and do well, I 100% recommend (especially if you do not plan on taking AP Chem/Bio). I'm sure for your major you would need to take a physical science class (like physics) so might as well get the credit/knowledge in high school, right?

Unis usually don't discriminate against those who do not have access to a lot of APs, since they are able to see how many your school offers and compare it to how many you have taken. So I wouldn't worry too much about your school not offering as much.

I assume you are a current sophomore planning their junior coursework? If so, 4 APs is a good amount. You do not want to take so many as to hurt your GPA because you didn't perform as well in them. There is always an option to self study and take the AP physics exam (which is something you might want to look into)

Getting credit from a CC looks good to colleges. It shows that you are really passionate about the subject and can handle REAL college level classes (as well as possibly earn credit for uni). It also shows that you will go out of your way to pursue this passions, I say yes, 100% to these CC classes. Seeing a CC transcript as well as your high school transcripts will really help you stand out (and of course show that you've challenged yourself!)

In all, I recommend signing up for AP Physics if you know you can work hard and do well (avoid it if it might pull down your gpa) or just self study for the AP exam. To the CC classes: I say yes, 100% do them if you can, especially if they are related to CS.

(Also, try to get involved with CS extracurriculars such as internships/research/volunteering/etc.)

Hope this helps! :)


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