7 months ago
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Chemical engineering major question

For senior year what subject would be good if pursing chemical engineering.

I am already taking all AP sciences/Math classes like Biology, chemistry, physics, Env sciences, calculus BC. Is there anything else which would help to show interest-


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7 months ago

I think AP Sciences and Math classes are like the most important but you're already taking them. I think what is left is AP English Language and Composition as writing is important in any field and a AP language class like AP Spanish or something since like AP English Language and Composition, knowing another language is important to any field. I think what you should be focusing on is some internship or something outside of classes since interest is best shown, at least in my opinion, when you do something like that directly shows you are interested in it. They don't know if you are interested in chemical engineering just by you taking ap biology and ap chemistry for example. They may think you are interested in Biochem or Pre-med. I hope this helps but if it doesn't then maybe someone else can give better advice.


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