7 months ago
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How come I didn't get my Karma bid back?

I put a bunch of my Karma into the scholarship bid, and I didn't win. If I am not mistaken, if we do not win, we are supposed to get our Karma back in full amount with one extra, but I didn't get any back. Is it because they are holding it until the next bid when we can choose to take it back or keep it in the bid?


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7 months ago[edited]

Hey, @twohid! This is Tim, Product Manager for Scholarships at CollegeVine. Thank you very much for this question; it's important feedback as we're getting started on CV Scholarships. You're right, you will be receiving your Karma bid back early next week (with 1 Karma as a bonus for participating). We held onto our participants' Karma while we ensure we got in touch with the winners. I'll get with the team on Monday and see if we can decrease the time to get your Karma back in your account post-contest. Thanks for being a user and I'm happy to answer any additional questions, should you have any!


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