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How can I find my spike?

-9th Grade

I love the idea of entrepreneurship, but psychology has always been something I'm interested in, so that is also an option.

NOT CHANCE ME- These are the extracurriculars I'm doing right now:


-After school art program

-Newspaper (will likely drop, even though I love writing too)

-Mayor's Youth Council

-Book Club (Pres, Founder)

-Soccer (I play for a varsity and recreational team)

-Launching my own nonprofit for free STEM tutoring

I just feel like none represent my spike.

My spike Ideas were helping others, being a leader (too broad) and business.

I had some ideas for a strong ec profile.

NOT CHANCE ME, as I haven't even done these

1. My nonprofit

2. Intern @ some great company

3. Blog about business or high school

4. Student Gov

5. Business Psychology research

6. Soccer

7. NHS (pres, maybe)

8. Mentorship program (in 11th grade)

9. Mayor's Youth Council

10. Book Club

If anyone could help me find a good spike, that would be amazing!!!


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9 months ago

Look, don't feel pressured to leave anything you love to find your "spike". Yes, I know that this is the current trend, and that everybody tells you to find a "spike", but it shouldn't pressure you to leave your passions. If you like multiple things, go ahead. You could even try to find their connections. For example, your passions of entrepreneurship and psychology could be connected into some sort of non-profit related to psychology. Your passion for psychology could be expressed in getting a science fair reward, or research, etc. The bottom line is that you shouldn't be pressured to ignore a passion of yours and dedicate your time only to one "spike". At first, everybody thought being "well-rounded" would be the way to get into colleges, and that was the case for a while. Now, it's "spikes", and before you know it, most people will have their own "spike". Try focusing on perhaps these two passions that you mentioned, uniquely finding ways to connect them, and you should be on your track!

Good luck!

9 months ago

Hi, thank you for asking your question! It seems like right now you have a very broad background, and to be honest, that is totally okay! As a freshman in high school it is smart to be broad in the ECs that you are involved in. Your ideas for a strong EC profile are great, and since you are primarily interested in entrepreneurship then it is wise to pursue opportunities related to that. Down the line, ideally, you will have ECs that revolve around the majors that you are applying for. If you are thinking of concentrating in psychology alongside entrepreneurship then think of activities that can combine the two. This will be a great spike.

For example, if you have an educational non-profit, think of ways that you can tie in psychology topics into it. Maybe start a mental health awareness campaign or offer special classes in psychology with a redesigned curriculum. You could also intern at a company that specializes in psychology topics. This could possibly be a Telehealth company that focuses on mental health, or join a phone-network that helps people resolve mental health crises through conversations.

Beyond these major specific ECs, I would still recommend that you also pursue other high-involvement activities that demonstrate your leadership abilities and other passions. Hope this helps!


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