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Would you still do it?

Kind of weird, but ask yourself honestly: If elite admissions weren't a thing, would you actually do your ec's? Like I'm starting a non profit and I love it so much, its what I care about, and I'm proud of it, but I still wonder if without Harvard and Yale I wouldn't do these things.

Even though college admissions is grueling and brutal on many student's mental health, think about if we didn't have such low acceptance rates- community service would be far less than normal. I guess college admissions does some good!

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8 months ago

A lot of my extracurriculars as of right now, such as HOSA, FBLA, and philosophical debate are modeled after my true passions so I do think I would be doing them as hobbies if elite admissions were nonexistent. However, when I was a freshman wanting to go to Harvard I overwhelmed myself with extracurriculars that I didn't enjoy like Forensic Debate and marching band because I thought it would look good on applications. On top of that, I did participate in extracurriculars I enjoyed like basketball and track which ended up leaving me exhausted all the time. However, I'm a junior now so I'm starting to learn what I want in a college and for myself, which is no longer what top schools like Harvard can give me. I'm still looking at prestigious schools but I'm less concerned about what I think they want and more about what I want to do and how I can demonstrate my interests successfully as well. I do think I would do a bit less than what I do now though.


8 months ago

On the contrary, I think some students would have more time to do extracurriculars they love and care about that benefit communities if not for elite admissions. Right now I'm thinking about limiting the time I dedicate to a committee I founded and am very passionate about because I have SATs, AP exams, and track season coming up. Those are all things that dont help my community and I dont care about that much but I do them because of elite admissions


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