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Part 2: Method #3 and Method #4 (see previous post)

i'm back :)

Method #3: This is the BEST way to evaluate your ec profile. Make a checklist. 11 columns, 6 rows. column one will have our criteria: unique? impressive? very impressive? leadership? academic? interests? Then for each ec (which would be the name of each column) check it off if it meets it! Set your own goals- like "I want at least 3 unique, 5 impressive, 1 very impressive, 8 leadership, 6 academic, and 10 interest" because if you are looking for a more impressive ec profile, set your 'impressive' and 'very impressive' goal higher. Looking to be in business and show leadership? Set the leader bar higher. Then, once you evaluate, you can see directly what you need to improve on. Wanted more unique ec's but only got 2? Aim more for that! It is an incredible extracurricular diagnostic test. Once you really want to polish, bump every goal up one, it will motivate you!

Method #4: YouTube. Searching 'how I got into Harvard' or Princeton or whatever school will not do well when looking at ec's from a surface level- don't aim to do what they did, do it better. Then you can say that you had the ec's that an admitted student had. Don't try to do their exact ec, make it your own! Some of my favorite ec's were inspired by some admitted YouTubers.

Part 3 coming soon!

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Really great tips, really appreciate this series!

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Thanks! I'm glad it's helpful!


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