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27 days ago
Admissions Advice

Florida Colleges- Be honest... am I on track for state schools in Florida?

Hello everyone! Anxious student from the class of 2022 speaking :)

Am I on track for admission to any Florida college? My top choice is the University of Tampa, though I'm not sure any of you all would be able to help me with that! I'm more curious as to if any of you are familiar with Florida schools. Will I fit in (admissions wise) at USF, UCF, UF, FSU, etc?

If you can't answer for Florida (which I'd really prefer!!!) What school would I be a great fit for? :)

I've had a rough high school life, for reasons I'm going to leave unspecified. Please don't judge me.


3.05 UW, 3.52 W


1140 SAT (1180 superscore!)


Marching Band (9-12th grade)

Concert Band (9-12th grade)

Orchestra (11-12th grade)

Pit Orchestra (11th grade... possibly 12th)


Clarinet section leader (11-12th grade)

Work Experience:

Michaels- Cashier and Sales Floor Associate (October 2020-Present)

Intended major:

Public Health or English


30+ hours for band. (Assist with middle school band teaching, all four years)

16+ for Elder law firm my father works with. (Summer of 10th grade, and this summer)

AP (by the end of senior year)

Generally regarded to write excellent essays by all my teachers. :)

If it matters... yes I am in state in Florida! And I do not need financial aid. I also do not plan on living on campus... I plan on getting an apartment. :)

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