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I am thinking of transferring to home-school in ninth grade.

Would this reduce my chances of getting into a college of my choice? If not, how do I attain a high school diploma, or a GPA?

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6 months ago


I have been homeschooled since primary school due to my disabilities. For your diploma/transcript/GPA, talk to your parents about using a service called Homeschool Tracker. All you'll really need to do is input your classes and scores and it takes care of the rest!

Being homeschooled does not reduce your chances at getting into a good college. It allows you to study things you really want to and colleges like to see that you aren't coming in blind. I'm starting pre-med track with a degree in molecular biology, and then continuing at UM-Twin Cities in the MD/PhD program for forensic pathology. I've had multiple meetings with admissions counselors from many different schools who have been friendly and helpful with figuring out admissions.

If you do decide to homeschool, talk to your parents about using HSLDA. They have resources to help you figure out how to homeschool in your state, amongst many other things. But they also are a legal firm that works to defend homeschoolers. If you sign up, you will be given a counselor that will help you(or more likely, your parents) figure out the legal side of homeschooling.

Here's some links:



If you want some AP classes, this is a great place to take them:


If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer, good luck this year!

6 months ago

My best friend homeschools and I don't think that it has lowered her chances of getting into college at all! In fact, since she is homeschooled, she has more time to do extracurriculars and get involved in organizations outside of school, which colleges love to see. She joined a homeschool community, so they help you figure out your GPA and diploma. Her community meets once a week, where she gets to interact with other students, and where she is taught by her classmates' parents on different subjects that they specialize in. Overall it is really a great experience for her and she loves it! I would definitely recommend joining a homeschool community!


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