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which subject can be helpful to become an engeneer in usa

physics and math which subject is more powerful to become the best nuclear engeneer in the world

to be the student of usa i have to know which subject can help me to reach my goal to be the student of the greatest university in the world

others(*tell in the coment box*)
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As someone who once considered being an engineer (I chose medical science), from the advice I heard wanting to go into BME, I suggest you focus largely on either CHEMISTRY or PHYSICS. I know a lot of the votes suggests mathematics, but when you’re an engineer (especially to be the best), algebra, calculus, etc. should be intuitive to the point where it’s second nature. Math to Engineering is so fundamental that you shouldn’t concentrate all of your studies to it—because then how are you going to apply it?? You’ll definitely want to gain insight into the concepts of physics (this too is fundamental to Engineering) and the concepts of chemistry (this is a little less fundamental to Engineering in general, but to your specialty, this is where the concentration should be). I think if you can receive anything close to nuclear chemistry or nuclear physics, then there should be no hesitation, you should grab them immediately. Because by applying to engineering, you must already be above average at math and physics (again, the expectation), so from there you must study the latest in nuclear chemistry and physics. Hope this helps a little, just something to think about!


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