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How important is weighted GPA?

I understand that some high schools don't even calculate weighted GPA so how does WGPA play into admissions? Will colleges look at WGPA since not all high schools use them?

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From the little that I know in respect to GPAs, different Colleges and Universities have their own GPA requirements. A high GPA helps to boost your chances of being accepted into a College or University amongst other criteria. Your GPA denotes your academic strenghts to some extent. Good luck with your pursuit in education!

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8 months ago

All colleges primarily care about your Unweighted GPA based on a 4.0 scale because it allows them the fastest way of comparing apples to apples. So let's say 2 applicants have a 3.5 GPA, then they look equivalent on paper. Then the admissions officers look at Weighted GPA to see how they challenged themselves with their coursework. So let's say Applicant 1 didn't take any APs or Honors classes but Applicant 2 took 7 Honors and 9 AP classes. So applicants 1's WGPA is 3.5 but applicants 2's WGPA is 4.14. Then it's clear to the admissions officer that applicant 2 is the better student because they challenged themselves much more than applicant 1.

So admissions officers use both but mostly care about UWGPA in the context of course rigor which is supported by the WGPA. WGPAs is quite messy because some HSs calculate them on a 4.5 scale, 5.0 scale, 6.0 scale, and some private boarding schools even go up to 11.0 scale. So colleges still look at them because they are comparing applicants from the same high school in many cases.

So if 10 boarding school applicants have between a 3.80-4.00 UWGPA but their WGPA are like 8.4,8.5,8.7,8.8,9.1,9.5,10.2,10.2,10.3,10.5 they can tell who are the better students of the applicant pool say from Philips Exeter.

I hope that makes sense to you. Remember that admissions officers first look at how you compare to other students at your school in the context of how good your school is compared to other HSs in the county or the state you live in.


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