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Wharton Still Viable With a B?

I'm in 9th grade and am aiming for UPenn; specifically, Wharton school. I got a B in my computer science class in 1st semester however, so I'm pretty worried about how it's going go down with the admissions people there. Any advice on what to do to counteract the B, or maybe how they view this?

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@Revanth9 months ago

Having a B is not bad for the first semester. If you show that you have improved in the second semester, there will most likely not be a problem. Try to Stay Positive.

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9 months ago

If you keep your grades up and get A's in the rest of your classes, and take the hardest classes available to you, one B won't be a dealbreaker. Admissions officers understand that freshman year is a transition period, and they like to see upward trends for grades. If you get a strong SAT score to support good grades, that helps too!


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