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my gpa is aprox 3.65 and i am currently growing it, but can i still get into an ivy?

I am in 10th grade, i am an international student, I am attending the best school in my country (lowest admission rate, approx 5%) and I had 3 Ds in chemistry because my teacher gives super low grades to everyone. Still, i am trying to compensate in ecs and SATs, where i am aiming 1500+. But, i am still worried it is going to stop me form getting into an ivy because of my chemistry grade. This semester, i am going to obtain a 3.75 gpa, and i have already shown great effort and an increase in gpa since 9th grade. All in all, my question is will they at least consider me?

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9 months ago

First of all, I'm not sure it's fair to your chemistry teacher to call her out by saying she gives out low grades to everyone. If you had 3 Ds in Chemistry, the majority of the blame is on you. Let's face it, even if she was lenient and gave you a C-, that still looks really bad on an HS transcript if you want to apply to an Ivy League college. Now if you had a death in your immediate family or got mono, then you can make excuses, but your excuse is rather childish for an Ivy Bound student. The first thing you have to change is your attitude. So own your mistakes and take full responsibility for your failings. That is a good place to start.

It's very doubtful you are going to get admitted with Ds on your transcript so the best advice I can give you is to talk to your Chemistry teacher and School Administration and repeat Chemistry over and try your best to get that D replaced with an A or at least a B. No one is going to let you slide.

Keep in mind that admissions to Ivy League schools are going down, not up. 3 of them had admitted rates of less than 4%, 1 in the 4s, 2 in the 5% range, 1 in the 6%, and Cornell at 8%. So there are plenty of Americans and Int'l Students that don't get in with perfect GPAs and perfect test scores. Next year and the year after will be more challenging because more Int'l students will be applying. The Ivys do not want to create more seats, so the value of each individual seat goes up. I wouldn't be surprised if more students apply to the Ivys over the next few years.

So take my advice as friendly advice, not criticism. You need to clean your record and expunge that grade.

Good luck.

9 months ago

Every application will be considered and reflected. If you are going to pursue a career in chemistry, you need to get higher grades. Grades make 25% of the application cycle. Be good ni extracurricular activities and get good scores in your SAT/ACT. All the best, you are going to do great !!

9 months ago

hm, unfortunately D's do not look that good for any school. however, I think if you got outstanding grades in your 10th, 11th, and first semester of your 12th grade year, you may be able to get into a pretty good public school?

I would suggest having lots of meaningful volunteer hours, playing a sport, being officer of a club, etc.

I would definitely say to still apply to the ivies you would like to attend, be sure and right essays that will really stand out!

obviously, I am no person to ask for chancing, I think many people have a chance of getting into ivies, although my advice would be to not expect anything and just accept the results!


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