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Summer session vs community college class

How similar is a summer session, such as the one from UChicago, to taking a community college course over the summer? I don't really understand the difference. I plan on taking 2 community colleges over the summer but there is also the possibility that I get accepted to take a summer session at a university. I'm trying to decide if I should drop out of a community college course if I get accepted to the summer session.


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6 months ago

The main difference is the financial factor. Contrary to popular beliefs, summer sessions at prestigious universities that you have to pay for (can be from $1,000 to $10,000) does not add any substance to your applications. Yes, some summer sessions are free and require an applications and are truly prestigious like RSI or COSMOS but if it is not something free, I suggest you take a course in a community college since they are more economical. Personally, I have took 3 courses in my community college and it was a really great experience, especially since I wanted to explore different fields.


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