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are 4 APs good??

I am an international student and have a 3.88 GPA(single C in the whole transcript) but I am talking about 4 APs this year(my school offers none) which include some of the hardest APs like AP Calculus BC, AP CS A, AP Physics C: Mechanics and AP Physics C: Electrostatics. does it make up for the C in the eyes of Ivies and Stanford cause I am worried about this C ruining my whole profile??

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@crazyblob6 months ago [edited]

Welcome to collegevine! I noticed the "11" tag you provided, so I'm assuming this is your junior year right? If so, this course load is really impressive -especially for your junior year. Might I ask when you've obtained the C? Was it during your junior year and if so, was it in one of these challenging classes you mention? I believe by answering this, people will be able to provide you with better answers.

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Freshman Year

@crazyblob6 months ago

I wouldn't worry about it. I've heard that certain ivies don't even consider your freshman year, but this is a claim others will need to verify. Your courses definitely make up for it imo.

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6 months ago

Welcome to the community! A single C your freshman year will not ruin your chances, especially if you've had higher grades since. Your AP courses will also show your academic abilities and initiative. Here's a blog post about this that may help: https://blog.collegevine.com/can-i-get-into-a-top-college-with-a-c-on-my-transcript/

Typically, students applying to top schools take more APs, but since your school offers none, colleges will understand and they will appreciate that you went out of your way to take those tough courses.


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