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What Tier is MUN in my case??

I have attended 6 MUN which are in partnership with the Australian Embassy and recognised by UNDP and UNESCO and about 1000 people attend the conference. but I have awards in all of them with outstanding delegate(highest distinction) in 4. what tier of Activity do these awards make it in eyes of Ivy league and Stanford considering this activity is to make my application multidimensional(Physics is my primitive interest)


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8 months ago

For CollegeVine chancing you are probably good to put the tier as tier D or tier C. See what that does for your chancing and you can get somewhat of an approximation of what Stanford would think.

It's an impressive EC and it sounds like you've been doing it for at least some time which is good. Colleges like to see the dedication and the fact that you have won awards at all of the events is good. It's important to remember though that for Ivies you need to have more than one strong EC. This one is a great start and will look good with other strong ECs on your application but if it's your only EC you will want more like this one when applying.


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