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Help me w/ major choice? Also, CollegeVine tool idea!

I'm super indecisive. Majors I have considered in the past:


-Psych+Art (plastic surgery)




I just have so many options.

My interests-society, medicine (but not like hard sciences like chem or physics?), bio, writing, business admin (NOT math), so basically...

Like: bus. admin, bio, writing, psych

Don't like: math, physics, chem, etc.

Tool Idea: Major finder! You would fill in interests, career ideas, colleges you like, and it presents you with majors!

I want to be in medicine, but math is not my best subject....I have an A but it is probably one of my weakest skills. That makes business and medicine hard fields for me.


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5 months ago

How old are you? I'm assuming you aren't a senior this year since most colleges make you put down a major even if they don't make you stick to it... This is a question I faced a lot myself since I applied this year, and I wish I hadn't wasted a ton of time on this.



It's a lot more important to apply to schools you like and certain programs available there than worrying about Major X. There a couple reasons for this... For one, many schools, including the one I will attend, that don't require me to pick a major in anything till ending my sophomore year of college. This is was a big reason the university I ultimately attending was one of my top choices... As an extension of this, at colleges and universities like these, you get advisory resources that are probably a million times better than your high school counselor. High school counselors are geared towards getting you out the door a lot of times and helping you make course decisions (not life decisions). Of course, there are exceptions everywhere, but sill. Parents and friends, who love you, sometimes can't help you a ton either. Ultimately, college conselours cater more towards this shared dilemma of ours. They are paid to help you specifically with majors, so they better, lol. Since I'm on a crazy track right now at my school, probably involving pre-med, I get 4 separate advisors which lets me sleep at night thankfully... I don't want to be misleading in any way, there are a good numbers of schools that try to corral you into one major and don't let you to switch into their elite programs... Yet, that being said, I know scores of schools that let you experiment and don't have to choose at all for a couple years where you're going.

In my experiences, I'd look at general subject areas for things you like as I did; though I am more STEM geared. This was the solution to my personal problem: I sorted schools I heard about into buckets: good general bio programs, good general chem programs, good journalism/student newspapers, etc. Thereafter, I applied to a bunch of schools on the top of each list, or did decently across the board of my lists. This, for one, let colleges whittle down my list for me (lol, engineering admissions were not kind to me, but this helped since I kind of disliked engineering anyway and I got freed from that burden)... And two, helped me focus on the broad college experience more which I think matters. Chances are, as it sounds like now, as a fellow indecisive person, you might be better off double majoring or changing your mind in college when you have more time. Don't feel like you have to narrow down your interests at all and only choose one... Rather

That being said, I know this answer probably isn't what you are looking for exactly; although, I hope it is

Public health and health law are great options recommended by @emmak! Heck, I have public health down for mine rn before even stepping on campus, though I think its a little more STEM heavy than the other option. That being said, those are viable and check those out for sure...

From you're list so far, I would say neuroscience may or may not be a bit hard-sciences heavy depending where you go, but there are a lot of related fields to neuroscience and parts of neuroscience where you can skip physics (shudder) and the rigorous math stuff. Psych is a good example of this, and plays into writing and some parts of biology that won't overwhelm you. Also this plays into medicine fields too...

Note, I know tons of geniuses who aren't stellar at math and still going into heavy science fields for these same roles. Don't feel like your going to struggle through Calc and Linear Algerbra through school, since a lot of these majors don't require so much math. I think if math makes you nervous, it will probably be any majors with the hardest sciences that will give you more of a headache than math... Looking at example college courseloads for majors (on the department websites) helped me get a big insight of what I could avoid and would have to struggle through if I applied for those areas.

Whatever you do, I'm sure you'll be great! I'd say its okay to experiment, as long as you aren't over the place, and look all over.

Definitely check out the neuroscience/public health/health law realm. I am a science geared person, with a creative writing and history flair, so maybe a bit biased. Thus, I think English and business could be great for you too, and can help impact as many lives as science does.

5 months ago

Hey! So it looks like you might want to consider some kind of public health or health law career? health law would incorporate your interest in science without being too science heavy, and it would utilize your writing skills. for this career, you could probably major in sociology, political science, bio, etc..

5 months ago[edited]

Could you please elaborate on your interest in medicine? Why are you interested in it? Do you prefer sciences like biology and others that don't deal with math, if so why? (I know you kind of answered this, but I just want some clarification if that's okay.)

Maybe you could major in premed/biology/psych/etc. with English classes that help you with your research publication writing skills, or the other way around. Perhaps you'd be interested in that, because then you wouldn't really have to do any math except for some requisites to fulfill your major.

^I suppose that's kind of a career outlook and not really a major suggestion, but I do hope my answer helped.

5 months ago

I am in the same situation. Math is my worst subject, but also has the most of what I want to do. I decided to focus on getting good math grades in high school, and taking the math classes that fit best with the type of math that's important for medicine. A big class for me was AP Chem as it taught me a lot of the chemical math important for medicine. You would be surprised at your interests in chemistry and physics if you keep your mind focused on how you would use this in real-life situations.


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