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Should I go to online school?

I have been considering enrolling in an online high school because my country has a really bad education system and I just don't excel in this time of environment (teachers who do not care about us and only care that they get paid). As a result, I started researching online high school diplomas in the US. I looked at the University Of Nebraska High School which seems really good but I am unsure how it will impact my college admissions? Is it good that I am seeking better education and enrolling in an online school, where I can take AP classes and get used to the American system, or should I stay in my high school and get a bad education with low grades? (I know everyone says do not blame the teacher, but even my parents agree that my teachers are horrible).

6 months ago

Hey @maramara I moved this question to Admissions Advice because I think you'll have more luck getting an answer here. You can also find my answer below

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6 months ago

You should do what is best for you regardless of how it will impact your college admissions. If you feel getting an online education from a US high school will be worth it for you and open up opportunities then you should do it. Colleges like to see people who are dedicated, passionate, and who challenge themselves and it sounds like you'd be challenging yourself if you decide to do online high school.

As long as it isn't crazy expensive, and the school is accredited (which the one you mention is) then I don't see any reason not to do it. I do think you should be prepared to explain why you decided to move to an online school and you need to be careful how you explain your reasons. I would avoid mentioning that it's because the teachers are bad and more so as you wanted a challenge and that US high school is going to present you with more opportunities (if it's true).


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