8 months ago
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Summertime :)

Hey! I am a rising junior and summer is finally right around the corner. What do you guys think I should be doing for an extracurricular spike that centers around music. My passion project's main theme is music cause I love singing and performing. So what do you think I should do over the summer?


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8 months ago

Hi! I would definitely focus on maybe getting a summer job/internship that focuses around music. You can even volunteer in music related organizations or even help entertain homeless people and other minorities with your music. Really you have a lot of opportunities to choose from, maybe do some research on what you want to focus on and what works best for you, try researching music opportunities near your area. You can also create a social media account where you show your music to others! Good Luck :)

8 months ago

if your passion is music then you should do a karaoke night, create an song by singing or playing an instrument, or maybe create your own acting first write down what your act will be about and then practice with friends or familiars, it's always an good idea to do it when you have passion for music and performance I hope these recommendations work for you


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