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I am applying this fall and I am using common App for my application and i have a lot of questions like:

1. Is school form, a form or a letter by your councellor

2. How to make application portal account for Universities cause their is no info about it anywhere?

3. How to send letters of recommendation (i am international and my school doesn't place student in USA. So, i need to inform them how they would upload it)?

4. How to send transcripts online on common App and again i have to assist my school with it?


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1. The school form is a document that will be completed by your school counselor. You will have no access to it; however, you will able to track the counselor's progress via your common app portal. This is great because it lets you know if they haven't started, when they started and when they completed it. Ensure that you monitor that section.

2. You will sign up for the common application system and that same account will be used to apply to multiple schools. You don't have to create a separate account if the schools you are interested in applying to use the common app. There are currently 900 colleges on the common app. However, some schools are not on the common app; therefore you will be required to create separate accounts to apply. Once you apply via the common app, the school will create a portal for you. You will then be required to activate that portal to see whether your documents have been received and to view your admissions decision (once available). Activating the portal is easy and the school will explain it to you in an email. It usually entails reentering your email, entering a unique code that they sent via email, and then creating a password.

3. To send rec letters, you will invite your teachers via the common app (if you are using it). To invite them you simply enter their name and email address via your portal, after clicking on the "Recommenders and FERPA" tab. After clicking on "Recommenders and FERPA", click on "invite recommenders". Then, you are supposed to click on "assign recommenders" to each college you are applying to. It will be up to them to do the work. You are not supposed to see your rec letters as you will generally be required to waive this right under US law (FERPA). Some schools (that are not on the common app) will accept rec letters via email (from a .edu email address) and others may request it by mail (less common).

4. Your transcript will be submitted by your counselor along with your school form, rec letter (from him/her), fee waiver (if applicable), and any other document. As soon as you invite your counselor (via the steps above, all the documents required will pop up on his/her end.


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