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Admissions Advice

How would your admissions system work?

POV: you are the founder and head of admissions at the new most prestigious uni ever

SO many people criticize the application and admissions system, so I'm curious to see how you would do it!

No legacy? Test required? Essay optional?

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No preferential treatment.

1. Since the school is new, there are no legacies, to begin with. But as a future policy, no legacy preferential treatment. In fact, you will not be able to communicate you were a legacy and if you do, your application is withdrawn.

2. No recruited athletes. Meaning that if you are a great athlete you can play sports at the college but you will not get in preferential treatment.

3. No development candidates meaning you can't buy your way in.

4. No special treatment to VIPs, Celebrities, sons/daughters of employees, or and quid pro quo from the dean.

Holistic Admissions Policy

1. UWGPA not Weighted GPA.

2. Course rigor - evaluating the number of Honors, AP, IB, and College courses relative to other applicants. NO Transfer credits for any AP, IB test scores.

3. Evidence of intellectual curiosity either through personal academic pursuits or collaborative pursuits with other students, mentors or researchers.

4. Evidence of community service

5. Evidence of school leadership

6. Evidence of unique extracurricular spikes.

7. All courses taught in English, so evidence of English fluency

8. Superior writing, speaking, and communication skills

9. TEST BLIND on all standardized tests including PSAT, SAT, ACT, SAT IIs,

10. There is a College entrance exam which is a proprietary exam not affiliated with any testing service like CollegeBoard or ACT.Org. All applicants get access to a portal up to 2 years prior to applying where they can start filling out the forms and uploading their data. Each applicant takes a free practice test to see how much they know relative to other applicants and the standards of the college.

Then based on their score, they are given all the learning tools required to learn the material, they can take another practice test every 3 months until it is time to apply. Only if they achieve a 95% score are they permitted to apply to the school. Admissions are based on a rolling basis. If they can not get a 95% score within 2 years, they have to withdraw for 1 year and start the process all over again. There is no age limitation but most applicants will be the same age as other seniors applying to colleges.

10. No preference to race, gender, sexual identity, income, or other demographics.


1.) The campus is split up into the following hubs. US East Coast, US West Coast, London, Paris, Dubai, Singapore, China, South Korea, Japan, India, Brazil (covering South America). All the physical campuses are alike. All the campuses are connected 24 X 365 days through distance learning technology. Those students who can't get to a hub are given a proprietary laptop and satellite dish so they are connected anywhere in the world. The only abroad program is that you can switch to any campus once a year. So you can travel and learn in 4 hubs or 1 hub.

Honor System

1 Strike policy - If you are caught cheating, plagiarising, or committing any kind of immoral, unethical, criminal conduct, you must leave. You waive the right to appeal any decision. No one is above the law.

1 Strike policy - for teachers, admin. and employees of the school as well.

Endowment and funding

Anyone can contribute to the school but no one can personally benefit from donating to the school. All donations are anonymous to protect the integrity of the school and its students.


All costs are based on the student's ability to pay and the school will use their own methods to decide what the correct bill is for every student. So smart billionaire kids might have to pay a million dollars a year and poor kids might get a stipend to be able to afford clothing, travel, and other expenses. This is not a one-tuition cost model with financial aid. There is no published rate card. Since it is the best school, eliminated is the need to donate $5-10 million to get your get into the school. You still might get hit with a big bill but no one will know what each student pays. If there are 10,000 students, there are 10,000 different bills, and tuition is adjusted annually until graduation.


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1. obviously legacies, children of employees, etc. will not get special treatment

2. geographic location will be considered. If the student grew up in a town of five hundred people and has minimal extracurriculars, we will be understanding

3. volunteering is a privilege and will be considered the same that jobs are regarding hours, leadership, etc.

4. unique long term hobbies, interests, and activities will be very sought for

5. gpa not looked at but instead grades in each course

6. Course load >8 ap classes will be seen as equal to 8.

7. test optional, not blind, because those with really high scores deserve to stand out and compensate for weaker areas

8. no why essay, but asks students what they would be involved in on campus

7. 250-word essay about ANYTHING they would like to share

8. teacher recs will be weighted heavily and will require rec from a non-teacher

9. lack of leadership will not harm app, but presence will help.

10. most scholarships depend on academics ALONE

11. asks a bunch of random personality questions like USC's

12. early action, no early decision but demonstrated interest will be considered

13. plenty of virtual events available that count towards demonstrated interest


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Id just has so many alternatives. Like have GPA OR a good AP test. No SAT interview...


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