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So, i am taking AP calculus BC in admin 3 by self studying and haven't started studying yet cause i am bad at productivity, I guess. Is their any tips on how to study

BTW I am an international student and my school curriculum teaches calculus in-depth. So, i think i can do it


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7 months ago

Khan Academy has some really great resources. Also just doing a lot of practice problems from you textbook and being familiar with the formulas and what-not.

7 months ago[edited]

If you're familiar with the content, the best thing to do is practice questions. Go through past tests, and if you identify any particular weaknesses, focus specifically on those. Practice with time constraints as well. AP Classroom has a lot of useful resources; the review videos are a quick way to review and practice. College Board has also provided an online practice test, which are useful to practice with the format they'll be using for the exam. Good luck!


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